1. Hi all. I've been looking, but not finding anything i like, for a wristlet. I need leather, but I'm not really particular about the color, although i do like something kind of rich and warm for winter. I need to be able to put my cigarettes, lighter, cash, cc's and dl, dinosaur phone and keys in the bag, but I dont want it to be too square either. Ideally I'm looking for something less than $100, but I'm open to suggestions up to $200 or $300 max. Oh and this wristlet would be for going out at night, i hate carrying a big bag to the bar.

    any suggestions would be so awesome, thanks!
  2. I love Coach wristlets. Perfect size.
  3. I think Coach wristlets are the best!
  4. I just got a Linea Pelle wristlet (back) from Bluefly and love it! I have all my cc, phone, 2 sets of keys(home&work) and lip gloss. My mom loved it so much I went and got her one as well.
    I just throw that in my bigger bags and it works great :yes: It comes in black, grey, cream, and brown...
  5. I have to recommend the Hayden-Harnett Pompidou clutch as well:
    Comes with an additional convertible strap so you can wear it cross-body or as a beltbag. There's 3 compartments and is really roomy. I have this one in black patent and there's an issue with the credit card slots being really tight, but the regular washed metallic colors might not have that problem. $155 regular price, but it might go on sale around Thanksgiving.
  6. I really like the Linea Pelle clutch, too. It's definitely big enough to use as a clutch, but small enough to fit inside a bigger bag.

    I love Coach wristlets, but they won't fit all that stuff you mentioned. :nogood:
  7. [​IMG]
    ^ this goldenbleu is pretty cute!

    ^ aleya NY

    ^jenny yuen
  8. I recommend Coach, but it may not be able to hold all stuff that you've mentioned. But my Coach wristlet siuts me best. I can put a small wallet (to keep my ID, driver's license, cc & debit card), cash, small size handphone and house keys. Perfect for on-the go kind of thing.

    Oh by the way, the Marc Jacob's utility wristlet is TDF!!! Might consider getting one ;)
  9. i feel like the coach wristlets wouldn't be wide enough to fit all my junk?
  10. i kinda thought so too...