Wristlet Wars

  1. Okay.....which wristlet would you buy....

    The Chelsea Optic Signature Wristlet, Fragrance Print Wristlet, or the Carly Leather Wristlet??

    Please tell me which you prefer....I'm so torn and I can only justify purchasing one .... at least, this week !!:yahoo:



  2. well i vote for the chelsea... but that's just because i just bought mine yesterday... love it!!
  3. Carly most definitely. You'll probably be able to fit a bit more in it because of it's shape but I agree with poster below, the Chelsea is great too with that turnlock and size!

    If I had to choose between those two, I doubt I could. Ooo except for the leather. I'm betting Chelsea is easier to keep clean then Carly (I almost bought the parchment Carly myself but shied away from the leather).

    Addition: AND the Carly's handle is great, with the rings on either side you can remove the clip from zipper and replace it on the side to make a tiny little purse, yup. That would be a plus for me!
  4. I vote for the Carly, too. I have two of them - one in black leather and one in black signature and they are my favorite wristlets. They hold a ton for being a wristlet!

    I like the other two, also, but I think the Carly is more functional and also more versatile. :yes:
  5. The Carly would be my pick! It seems the roomiest & the most neutral.
  6. Carly
  7. ooh ooh... Carly!!!

    Fragrance print is cute too, but it's silk so if you get it dirty, you might have trouble getting it cleaned.
  8. I vote for the Carly because I have it in the camel shown above and in the black. They definitely hold more than any wristlet I have.
  9. Definately the Carly. Its roomier and has a classic look that will go with anything.
  10. carley...I think it will go with more and although its newish it will surley become a classic.
  11. The fragrance print one doesn't hold much. It's not a good evening one I can barely fit my camera, lipgloss and id in it.
  12. The Carly, hands down.:smile:
  13. Another vote for the Carly!
  14. I vote for the Carly too!!
  15. Another Carly vote here! Not a fan in general of the fragrance print <ducking for cover>.