Wristlet, Wallet, Both? What Works?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'd like to hear from all of you regarding how you use your wristlets:

    • Do you use them as a purse at times?
    • Do you keep them in your purse and also carry a wallet?
    • Do you find yourself collecting many of these items?
    I get a bit confused myself at times. I keep my wristlet inside my purse w/ just some cash, my cell, my driver's license and one credit card. I still carry my wallet for other things (medical cards, etc), but I often take my wristlet out for quick grocery runs, etc.

    What about you?:yahoo:
  2. sometimes i use a wristlet as just a wristlet (when i don't want to carry a lot) other times i'll keep one in my purse to hold miscellanous stuff and i also have a wallet.
    i collect them! it's silly really. i'll never use them all!
  3. They're so cute!! I use mine to carry extras inside my "matching" bag. I also carry a wallet and a mini skinny. I only have one wallet though. I'm crazy I know!!! I did buy the Carly to use mostly as a clutch - it's TDF!!!
  4. I am currently using my stripe fold over wristlet as my "wallet".
    It's very convenient and fits in my purse!
  5. I use my legacy wristlet for the essentials - celly, cash, credit cards and drivers lisence, lip gloss. I don't carry a wallet.

    I don't collect wristlets, but I do have a gold optic wristlet that I use as a camera case as well.
  6. Depends on the day and situation.
    I use it to carry my sk3 in my purse.
    I use it as just a wristlet for stuff like my CC, lip gloss, receipts, id, etc.
    I also use it as a purse when I don't want to carry anything else or when I'm carrying my pet tote and it's too much to carry a real bag.
  7. I mostly use them in addition to a wallet to carry extra stuff in my purse like spare keys, coupons, medicine, business cards, appointment cards. But sometimes I use it in place of a wallet. Or just carry it alone for a quick trip out to pick something up.
  8. I use my wristlet to get manicures, quick trips, etc. I sometimes carry both a wallet and a wristlet. I collect them b/c there are different sizes and some I use just for certain things.
  9. I use my wristlet in my bag to put reciepts in and change.
    I like to carry a wallet as well.
  10. I use my Sig Punch Stripe Wristlet AS my wallet...that way I don't have to switch out all the time. I can throw the wristlet in my purse and go or I can grab JUST the wristlet for a quick trip to the store. It's FAB!! :yes:
    Plus, I chose the wristlet over the mini-skinny because the wristlet ALSO holds my phone and a small lipgloss. I attach my keys to the wristlet strap. PERFECT!!!
    Although, I do NOT carry a checkbook, so I don't have that to mess with. I guess if I did, I'd probably have a wallet, too.
  11. i use wrsitlet as a mini bag =0 you can check the thread "wristlet owners attention please" for reference =)
  12. I have used them as wallets but now tend to carry other little essentials in them like chapsticks, advil, shout wipes...etc stuff I don't want falling out loose.
  13. Today I used a wristlet as a clutch for a quick run to the store. Usually I use a mini skinny as a wallet, a wristlet holds a few make up essentials and my beauty case holds a small notepad, pens, calculator, gum etc. I don't like loose stuff floating around in my bag so I put everything in some type of pouch.
  14. Mine has multiple purposes (like a lot of the other ladies). I mostly use it as a wallet and then when I am making a quick trip to the store or out to lunch I throw in my cell and keys and away I go. I also keep some type of lip balm in there at all times. So on a daily basis it has my ID, cc, insurance card, some cash, usually a receipt or two, and lip balm. I have several styles so when I get bored with one I switch to a different one. I also have a couple different kiss locks which I love to carry in a tote or larger bag.
  15. I have wristlets to match most of my bags and I use them as wallets. I don't carry much with me that I would need a wallet for--just cash, ID, and debit card. I use a skinny for change and any other cards.