Wristlet vs. Wallet

  1. This may have been asked before (I haven't been around at all lately), so if it has please direct me to the thread! I've been lusting after the black sig ergo wristlet to match my medium hobo but have forbid myself to buy it because I've been throwing my money out the window lately and would really be screwing myself over if I were to get it....it's hard to resist the urge though because it's PCE. It's not way expensive or anything, but I don't have a lot of money since I'm just about to graduate college so it's a big no-no. However, I'm pretty positive I'll be getting it as a graduation gift from either my mother or grandmother so I'm not too worried. :yahoo: It's going to be a Coach filled December (graduation, Christmas AND my birthday in the same month...within a matter of days). I'm also lusting after the heart pendant and bangle but that's an entirely different story in itself.

    Anyway, to my main point. I tend to stray when I talk about Coach. Hehehe. I've been using my Watercolor wristlet as a makeshift wallet in my black sig Ergo hobo and although it doesn't match AT ALL, it's roomy and holds everything nicely. Do you girls ever find that you prefer to have a wristlet as a wallet instead of an actual wallet? They're definitely not as expensive and more convenient IMO, but how do you girls feel? Would you rather carry a wallet? A wristlet? Both?
  2. I carry both.

    If I'm wearing a smaller bag, I usually just go for a wallet. If I have a bigger bag (like a tote or my medium Carly), then I carry both.

    I put my CCs, cash and coins in the wallet and carry small make-up, notes, etc. in the wristlet. Sometimes my wristlet even doubles as a camera/Ipod case when I'm travelling. I do sometimes stash my cash/CCs/cellphone in the wristlet and use that as my wallet when I need to travel light.
  3. I often carry both but that's so I can just boost out the wristlet and use it for quick trips to carry credit cards and my cell phone. I think the wristlet is very versatile b/c you can carry it as a clutch and hook your keys to it and also use it as a wallet. My legacy one has an inside pocket so I can separate cash and cards/cell phone.

    Good luck!
  4. I would probabley carry a wallet, but seeing as how I only have a wristlet, and wallets are more expensive than some of their bags, and you can get wristlets pretty cheap at the outlets, wristlets work pretty well for me!
  5. That's my theory!! The wristlets work well for poor lil' me! Until I can afford a nice wallet, I'll be sticking to wristlets. Although there are wallets I've been drooling over lately that I couldn't possibly get on my lousy income.
  6. I had one of the small wallets and it was great. Then for prom my mom bought me a wristlet to match my dress. After prom was all said and done I started using the wristlet for everyday things and eventually stoped using my wallet. I purchased one of the ergo wallets last pce and I love it! It's very roomy and holds all my credit/debit cards, cash and random business cards. Lately I've been lusting for a billfold but i'm having a hard time spending the money on one. Until then, my wristlet works well and it doesn't take up a lot of space.
  7. i have a wallet that i have with me from day to day (unless i'mjust going to the movies or something, in which case i use a wristlet) but i also keep a wristlet in my bag with me that i hold little odds and ends in.
  8. I've found myself using a wristlet and one or two mini skinnys rather than a wallet. I use the wristlet for my cash and cards that are in and out a lot, one mini for change, and one mini for those oh-so-popular frequent buyer discount cards. And since I tend to be a compulsive matcher (trying to break that habit) it's much easier to transfer contents than with wallets. They seem to weigh less, too.
  9. I use a mini skinny right now, and it holds quite a few cards, a decent amount of cash, and a handful of change. They stretch pretty well (especially the leather ones!)

    I used a wristlet during the spring and summer of last year as a wallet and it worked pretty well.

    I found that between the mini skinnies and wristlets as compared to a more structured wallet...the structured styles bug me for some reason so i'll be sticking to the basic...money hole (haha) until I get over my wallet hang-up.
  10. i have both, a coach wallet and two coach wristlets, lol! the wallet was a gift from my bf when we were at the coach outlet in vacaville. i actually use my wallet, i like having different pockets for credit cards and the billfold. i have two wristlets that i use in my purse to hold my camera and *hopefully my future ipod*. i tried using the wrislet as a wallet when i was in HS. but i got annoyed when looking for a specific credit card. i like have them all visible when i open the wallet. plus, the dollar bills got my wristlet sorta dirty inside.

    i haven't seen you on the forum for a while. did you ever get your LV speedy? sorry to stray from the topic, but i remember you asking the LV subforum girls about that a few months ago.
  11. Oh man I was going to get it and then I had some unexpected expenses that came up. I think once I get a good job after graduation I'll get it. It'll go perfect with a suit.
  12. I use the wristlet as a small bag...on days if I don't need to bring a whole lot of stuff! I usually carry my cell, some cash with credit card in a card holder, a lip gloss and concealer. I'm not a big fan of coach wallets since they look rigid and bulky! Sometimes I use a mini skinny to carry my money and cards...then put into a small handbag.
  13. Only wristlets. I can't tear myself away from my framed Legacy stripe wristlet as my wallet. I don't think I'll ever be able to use anything else!!
  14. I use a wallet -- I like my stuff to be very organized and the wallet has slots for cards, compartments for bills and a coin pouch. I recently got this wallet at the outlet for about $100 -- it's the perfect size! Not too big and not too small:


    This is from the Japan site so I'm hoping it will be available here soon and I want to get it to match my new chocolate Carly.


    My daughter uses a wristlet for all her stuff but is wanting a wallet now.
  15. I don't do Coach bags anymore, but still love my old Coach wristlet. I love it better than any wallets I have bought before or after it.