wristlet vs mini skinny

  1. Which do you girls prefer to use as a "wallet"? I've used both, but I just can't decide! I'm planning on getting a few more wristlets and/or mini skinnies to satisfy my bag cravings in the upcoming seasons, but i'm trying to figure out which one is better to use as a wallet.

    I like the outside pocket on a mini skinny to use for my license and debit/credit card, but a wristlet almost seems more practical because it's bigger and comes in more of a variety. (more specifically, I want a Holiday Patchwork SOMETHING!)

    Pros/Cons of both?

    I have a multifunction wallet right now, but i'm not sure if it's for me. I spent like $150 on it and now i'm not totally in love :crybaby:
  2. Definately wristlets! I use 2 at once, one for all of my credit cards and loyalty cards and one for cash and receipts. You can get them in so many great patterns and fabrics...but don't give up on your minis tho'...I use one of those too for my loose change! :nuts:
  3. i use mini skinnies or something equal- i also use my louis vuitton cles(key and change holder) i love them. i wouldnt use a wristlet only because ive never used them like that
  4. Wristlet! Especially the ones like the Bleeker capacity that have the flapped pocket and the zippered area. I want to get a mini skinny to use in my swingpack but other than that I love a wristlet to act as a wallet for my other bags. I do have a denim multifunction wallet to match my denim shoulder bag and it's a nice wallet but I think the wristlet does a fine job for less money.
  5. I don't really use either as a wallet.. but I definitely use my wristlets more.. my digital camera is in one, and my ipod is in a different one for everday use.. On ocassion I've used just a wristlet but I felt so naked without my purse!!! :p
  6. I love the wristlets! I have like 3 in my purse right now, one for cash, one for my credit cards/license, and one for extra stuff like lip gloss etc.
  7. Although I don't use either as a wallet, I'd probably use a wristlet as one if I had to. It's more roomy than a mini skinny!
  8. I have a mini skinny and I don't do so much with it, I have it inside the wristlet... I have the Beeckler wristlet and it is amazing! Very roomy. It have two compartments, I put the cards in the back and the receipts and the from. I also have space there for put my cell phone and a lipstick with a lip gloss! Is very nice.
    I have the khaki with black:
  9. Wristlets - if you have a bigger purse to fit it in or if you want to tag along a mini purse
    Skinnies - to fit inside tiny handbags, not for using as a mini purse
  10. Like Marcela said, a great combination is the wristlet with a skinny inside. I've got the Bleeker capacity wristlet (the best choice for this use, IMO), and the denim skinny inside where I put change loose bills. In my main back I use a second skinny for loyalty cards.
  11. I like the wristlets better. I have one that I keep my phone in. I also use it when I go on break by adding the money, checkcard, etc that I need without having to carry my purse. I like the fact that you can loop in on your wrist and not have to use a hand.
  12. Yes i use a wristlet- and if I had a mini skinny..lol then i would use it as an id and cc holder inside the wirstlet. the wristlet being for the bills and change ect!
  13. Wristlets but love both as well... I always have to have both with me most of the time.
  14. I prefer the wristlet, it needed I can add my phone but the mini skinny really doesn't hold anything but cash and credit :smile: