Wristlet + treo

  1. Anyone use /have both of these? Does your treo fit into the wristlet?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



  2. Depends on the wristlet - seems like my old treo 650 did not quite fit in the smaller wristlets because of the antenna. :shrugs:
  3. Ok shouldnt be an issue for me then as I have a 680
  4. I have a 650 and just bought the middle one because it wouldn't fit in the others. You might not have that problem if yours doesn't have an antenna.
  5. ^^ no it doesnt have an antenna.
  6. I looooove that stripe wristlet. ;) I have a phone roughly the size of a Treo with no antenna...I have trouble fitting mine, even though it SHOULD fit. It just won't go into or out of the wristlet without a struggle.
  7. I like the pink wristlet its cute I am deciding on getting that exact one.
  8. Hmmm well that doesnt sound good!
  9. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] that is a treo 680.

    [​IMG] I love it!!! with room to spare. I think i'm going to sell the actual treo case ...
  10. Awwww....very cute and functional too! I have a PDA that fits perfectly in this wristlet.
  11. ^^ awesome, I'm totally loving this thing.

    I think i'm going to sell my coach treo case now ...
  12. what is the style # of your wristlet its so cute
  13. I think 40231.
  14. its very cute you wouldnt expect the pink to be inside of it
  15. I have a Treo 755p (same exact size and body as the 680) and I am able to put it in just about any wristlet but it's a tight fit in the smaller/slim ones. You can't get much else in there. The second one, the pink mini signature one, would work well and have lots of room to spare. I eBayed all of my smaller wristlets when I started carrying a Treo and so I currently have a black leather Carly wristlet and a black signature duffle wristlet. The Carly wristlet works the best!