Wristlet to match

  1. I got a wristlet to match from eBay. I think it is from last year's Legacy Cotton release. It was $65 on eBay. Matches perfectly.

  2. cute!
  3. Darn I LOVE that!! :nuts:

  4. How cute! It will match beautifully!
  5. good find! :smile:
  6. cute & a good price!
  7. congrats once again Ashley!!!
  8. that is beautiful!
  9. i'm not gonna lie,

    that's pretty cute

  10. Thanks! I wonder what the new carly wristlet to match will look like? Hmmm...:shrugs:
  11. awsome!!! :smile: Good buy!! :smile:

    can i ask you, how much the large cotton carly cost? :smile: thanks!
  12. It matches perfect! Congrats it's so cute!
  13. Very cute
  14. That is totally perfect, congrats!!