Wristlet- Should I or Shouldn't I?

  1. I am a small purse kind of gal, and I'm currently contemplating buying the Coach Hamptons Signature Small Wristlet in Pink.

    Does anyone else have it, and how do you like it? I'd probably use it for Starbucks runs, etc, during the daytime, then take it to bars or parties at night. I don't like to get beer spilled on my nice purses, and it's nice that I can clip it on my belt loop if I feel like dancing.

    Of course, I am saving for the large Carly tote, but then again this would clip nicely inside.

    So what do you guys think? It's in my cart, should I check out?
  2. i would get it
  3. Are you really expecting someone here to say no?!? You should definitely get it!!!
  4. Lol, I think this is my justification for talking myself into it. I just ordered it :wlae:

    Hopefully it comes before the weekend!
  5. I think you made a good choice! I love my wristlet just for stuff like that - coffee, nights out, etc. It's perfect for the essentials (cards, keys, cash, lip gloss - well, those are mine anyway!) Plus, that pink is adorable. Hmm...in fact, that wristlet is starting to look pretty good to me, too!
  6. That wristlet is adorable!!!
  7. that is such a pretty wristlet, do post pics when you get it because i havent seen it in real life.
  8. @batgirl0711-- I'll definitely post pictures when I get it. I even went ahead and ordered it in a gift box (since it's a present to myself), so it should be a pretty unwrapping pic. I can't wait for it to come ;)

    @mightymouseiest-- Good to know you use yours for that. Don't you love the way this forum makes you covet purses even more?
  9. I ALWAYS get it gift wrapped...I like getting gifts!
  10. I love it!
  11. What a pretty color! Get it!
  12. You should:graucho:
  13. I love it! When I go out I just bring that with me if I don't feel like carrying a bag. It's small enough that in some cases they fit in my jacket pocket. Also when I don't use it, I usually use it for a card holder or something for work.

    Very cute. Love it :smile:
  14. I use my wristlets for the same thing. My only complaint with Coach wristlets is they usually don't have a small zip pocket within the wristlet. I like to keep credit cards/cash in one pocket and other items like keys in the main pocket. With most of the Coach ones I have everything in the same pocket which bothers me.
  15. That wristlet is SO pretty! I say get it if you haven't ordered it yet!

    Does anyone know if there will be any bags in pink sig besides the hip bag that is available online?