Wristlet Rehab...

  1. I posted a thread awhile back about how my favorite wristlet was brutally assaulted by a pen. It's a Coach Soho wristlet in Mist pebbled leather. It is old and not worth anything, but I was determined to save it. Thank you to the ladies who gave me suggestions for getting the ink out!!! :flowers:

    I tried hairspray, Mr Clean magic eraser, and Coach leather cleaner. The winner (surprisingly) was hairspray!!! I was amazed. This ink has been on there for weeks and when I sprayed the stuff on, the alcohol started lifting the ink dye instantly! The spray I used btw was L'oreal Artec firm hold aerosol in the white can.

    Just for kicks, I included a pictorial guide to my wristlet's rehab. The leather is still wet in that last pic, but overall I am thrilled with the results :yahoo:

    ps- don't mind the 3-year old handwriting on the pics... MS Paint stinks and I am a lefty
    ink stained wristlet.JPG hairsprayed wristlet.JPG magic erasered wristlet.JPG leather cleanered wristlet.JPG drying wristlet.JPG
  2. I'm so glad you got it out! And I love the pictures:roflmfao:
  3. Wow. Hairspray huh??? That's worth a try then! Thanks for the tip.
  4. i would make sure to condition your leather asap. ive used hairspray to get pen out on other things, but dont forget its alcohol based (NO GOOD for leather)!! :s
  5. ^ true :yes:

    I wouldn't do this to an expensive bag. This was an old $40 wristlet, so I wasn't too worried. I put some conditioner on it after it dried a little bit ;)
  6. hahaha, so cute! Nice job.