Wristlet question

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  1. Do they have creeds with serial numbers printed inside them?

    I saw this on EBay and wanted to check it on the drilldown. Anyone know what the style number is or what the name of it is?

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  2. Mine just has a tag that says "Made in China" inside. Nothing else marking it as coach besides the hangtag thing. I got it from the outlet though.

    That picture looks good to me- it's my wristlet but mine's brown. I have no idea if they were outlet only or what though.
  3. I have a ton of Coach wristlets and none of them have serial numbers or creeds.
  4. Okay, I just found another one on Ebay (different style) that had a serial number and it checks out on the drilldown, so they must have serial numbers. Unless someone knows it, there is no way to research and find out what the serial number is though, right?
  5. elongreach has one in white, check with her?
  6. Thanks, Aarti! :greengrin:
  7. No creed in the inside of all my wristlets.
  8. None of my wristlets have creeds, either.
  9. The only place on a wristlet the serial number would appear is on the price tag. But I've seen a few fake wristlets on Ebay with creeds and serial numbers - most of the fake creeds are copied right from the handbags.
  10. No creed on any wristlets of mine...and this one was all over the outlets...may still be. Its an outlet box its in the picture with as well.
  11. I can check my catalogues when I get home...I've been saving them for the past few years..I think thisone is fairly recent....I'll let you know!!! :heart: Emmy
  12. Thanks, Emmy!
  13. I just checked my catalogues...This wristlet is from 2005..from the 'Nappa pleated' line..the item# is 6F28...sold for $118.00..It came in white, black & mahogany..Hope this helps!!! :heart: Emmy (....Let me know if there is anything else you need..I have catalogues from 2005-current....)
  14. mine says made in china. I bought mine at a coach store in NYC
  15. Thank you so much, Emmy!