wristlet question

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  1. Ladies, in your opinion, which wristlet would be the best to store a few things, plus a blackberry curve with a little bit of space? I want one to match my new XL Zoe that will be here in about a week or so. Any pics and suggestions would be much appreciated. :biggrin:
  2. I use my Heritage Stripe wallet for my Treo and I still have space for my license and a couple of cards.
  3. Probably the capacity wristlet. I have the regular size and I find it a bit tight.
  4. thank you girls!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I have the large Poppy wristlet. You can clip the little handle to make it a small bag or a wristlet, and it holds lots of stuff.

    I'll post pics tomorrow. I'm at work now, and can't get to pics.
  6. that would be great. :smile: thank you!
  7. I havet a Leah Legacy wristlet and it has great space... It is made for Totes and Larger bags but it is great...
  8. I have several wrislet and bags in my purse. I have a purple lurex wristlet for chapsticks and lip gloss. A cosmetic bag that holds me medicine, bandaides, tampons and other first aide things. A capicity wristlet that has my ipod things and extra keys. Any other regular size wristlet for pens and work badge. I have to say if I were to trim down the wristlets I would have to say that a capacity wristlet would be my favorite.
  9. i have the patent grey zoe capacity and i love it. you can attach the strap to other side for a pouch affect or just around the wrist. one thought , you could go all matchy matchy and get one the same as your bag (cute) or you could get a great complimentary color (too cute). when you decide we need pics
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    Here's my poppy wristlet:

    And my IPOD and wires and things inside:

    Now that's a classic IPOD, so it's pretty big.
  11. Yesterday I picked up the Hamptons Archives Wristlet in the pink and it's a great size. Room for money cards, change lop gloss cell phone and keys.
  12. I saw an Ali wristlet at the outlet, it was all messed up, ink marks and strap damaged. I'm pretty sure i was an Ali. It stopped me in my tracks because (a) I'd never seen it before (b) I really liked it, except I wasn't crazy about the color & (c) it was so "messed up" I woulnd't have bought at any price. Frankly I surprised to see it there.

    But It stopped me because the leather was so soft & the capacity looked like it would hold a good bit.
  13. I really like this one:


    I'm not sure the name of it, I think it's MFF. The style number is 42127. I actually only bought it for the tattersall scarf that came with it, (well, plus it was a good deal) but planned on reselling it. I LOVE it though, and I've been stalking more on ebay. I'm not sure if they're still in outlets now or not. They come in several different colors. It fits my phone (Samsung BlackJack II), ipod nano, 2 lip glosses, and mini skinny.