Wristlet Question

  1. Whenever a wedding or evening event/dinner comes up (which is not all that often, but still) I have no bag to bring. It is time for me to get a clutch. I have a PCE so I am planning to get one this week.

    Does anyone have the New LEGACY TWO-TONED FRAMED WRISTLET ? It is small, and it is gold (I usually wear white gold or silver) but it is so cute! I know it can't carry alot but all I need it to carry is a card or two, some cash and a lip gloss.

    I also like MADISON METALLIC LEATHER FRAMED WRISTLET. And the woven resort clutch is cute but better for warm weather and more than I want to spend for a few nights a year.

    I actually LOVE the PYTHON MINAUDIERE... BUT once again it is WAY over my budget for something I will not use a lot.

    I just think it is a good thing to have (a clutch) and every time a special event comes up I am annoyed at myself for not having the right bag.

    My other question is - if you are at a dinner with a relatively small table (or even a big one) - do you have to leave the wristlet on your lap or do most people leave them on the table?

    Sorry for such basic questions. I've just never had one!
  2. My favorite of the ones you mentioned is the Madison Lurex Signature Capacity wristlet. I think it's not only cute but practical! Plus you can throw it into a larger bag if you need to. For your other question, I'd leave it on my lap just so nothing got on it while everyone was dining. Not that you can't spill anything on your lap but it's safer. I'd even keep a napkin on top of it during your meal.
  3. The metallic leather framed wristlet is cute because of the kisslock and soft leather, but I also fell in love with the tutone legacy wristlet. Both have great things to offer and you couldn't go wrong with either one. I usually set my wristlets on the table somewhere safe, or behind me on the chair until I need it.
  4. Thank you! When I saw you wrote signature in your post I checked that out (I had been looking at the non signature ones) and I saw a silver one that is the smaller size! It is so cute!!! It kind of looks like a wallet - but I still think it would fit my needs - thanks!
  5. Thanks candace - I was concerned the smaller one was too small and wallet looking but I still like it! I was wondering what the forum would think - I am glad you like both sizes :smile:
  6. This one isn't on Coach.com but is still in stores. (shown below in silver) It's available in silver, gold, black and rasberry. I love this one and am thinking about getting it for myself! LOL! The smaller wristlet in this is great too! (the black one)
    coach madison lurex capacity wristlet 41002.jpg coach madison lurex signature wristlet 40955.jpg
  7. I got the silver one tlloveshim posted - it is amazing, I'm going to be using it as my wedding bag next year (atleast, one of the many I might consider LOL)
  8. Thanks tlloveshim- I love it! I will check my store for that one, and if they are out I might go for the smaller wristlet in the same pattern that you mentioned New MADISON LUREX FRAMED WRISTLET (in silver) - love them!
  9. the madison turnlock wristlets are pretty much sold out...the only ones left are the ones in the coach boutiques..i went crazy looking for the silver one and the rasberry one yesterday...i called JAX first and i believe they said they had 10 rasberry left but none of the other colors...and then i must have called all the coach stores within an hour drive of me and they were all sold out of all of them with the exception of one store that had one rasberry left! so i went in and got that and then came home and tried macys.com which was also sold out of them...then i tried nordsrom's and thankfully they still had them in silver, black, and gold so i ordered the silver and the black! i thought i'd fill u in because this seems to be a very hot item this season! i love mine and would highly recommend it cuz it's a good size, it's bigger than most of the wristlets and the price is great! hope i helped...good luck!
  10. i have the raspberry mini skinny and its so cute!!
  11. Thanks Jannat84 - That is very helpful! I'll try to get to coach asap. I think I'll call my local stores too - maybe they will help me over the phone.
  12. also try your local macy's - I found mine there!
  13. Well I called my usual coach store and they said they have the Legacy two toned framed wristlet in stock and that they could special order the madison Lurex framed wristlet. They look similiar online - has anyone seen both in person? Is one nicer than the other? HELP! How do I decide which one to get? I've decided I like both the silver and gold, and the black too...

    I can't get to the store this week so I asked if I could order over the phone. He told me to come in Monday and they would honor the PCE for me. Yay!
  14. Thanks Renie!
  15. Eeek! I was hoping to get the legacy twotone frame wristlet, and seeing as I'm in Australia, I'll have to buy on eBay. Just hearing the madison turnlock style is sold out has got me :wtf: because unless I'm thinking of something different, aren't they two very similar purses? Does anyone know what my chances are of still getting a twotone frame wristlet ... are they all gone / hard to find / or are they still out there?