wristlet owners attention please

  1. could you pls show me pix of your wristlet stuffed with the essentials? even if you have a bulky ones or razr or any cel that is as thin as a razr. also i wanna see if a bulky one looks awkward in a wrsitlet. TIA! :yes:
  2. well, I don't have any photos on my computer right now, but I could take some later.

    I have a regular Hamptons Signature wristlet, and while it fits a lot, I don't know if that style could fit a bulkier phone than a Razr. What kind of wristlet are you looking at?
  3. any style/design of the wristlet. nothing in particular :yes:
  4. I'll stuff one of my Legacy wristlets when I get home and take a photo for you.
  5. Ok here's my duffle wristlet stuffed with my essentials. My phone is pretty small, but not tiny. It's a Samsung D807 if you want to go look at the exact size. I could have fit more in there if I'd taken my house & car keys off and just used those instead of every key I own. I'm also addicted to my bluetooth, so I couldn't leave that out.
    Full Wristlet - 1.jpg Full Wristlet - 2.jpg Full Wristlet - 3.jpg
  6. ohh, thanks everyone!! krystyann, you can fit alot inside! =) and its a nice one too!
  7. Thank you! It was at the outlet not long after Thanksgiving. I have a Soho Leather one too, but it's a bit small. Really only cash, chapstick and 1 key... I think my phone might fit in there too. I use it more as a wallet inside bigger bags.
  8. Angel - Do you have a Razr? I have one, so I could show you how it fits in a few diff types of wristlets... I will take some pics later tonight or tomorrow of the few that I have.:smile:
  9. Here's my Legacy Signature Wristlet. My keys aren't inside, I keep them attached on the side with the dogleash clip.



  10. Mokoni ~ Keeping them cliped on the outside is a good idea! I hadn't thought of that!
  11. oh thanks DI =) i don't have a razr :sad: i am thinking of getting a skinny phone soon! :p thanks everyone for the responses:heart:
  12. Here are pics of my Punch Sign. Stripe Wristlet....I pack it FULL. I LOVE IT!! I had no idea I was carrying so much change in there though! LOL!:p

    Oh yes, I keep my keys chained to the outside, too. It works GREAT!
    IMG_0890.JPG IMG_0892.JPG IMG_0893.JPG IMG_0894.JPG IMG_0895.JPG
  13. Purse-O-Nality -- you'r Razr matches your wristlet!! That is so cute! :yes:
  14. here are mine: i also did a comparision of my larger wristlet to my smallest wristlet because they can really varry in size.

    my PDA is the Palm T|X so its thicker and a smudge bigger than my Nikon camera which is what I usually carry around in my wristlet but I needed something to substitute size wise since i couldnt take a picture of the camera...

    Next up is the small guy
    notice that my PDA is like no way no earth going to fit into it.
  15. batgirl - I have a Palm TX, too! Yours is pretty! I can't believe you can fit it in a wristlet - it must be a really nice sized wristlet!