Wristlet or Swingpack?

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  1. I was thinking of getting one of the Coach patchwork bags.. I just can't decide - do you prefer a wristlet or a swingpack style? Thanks.
  2. I have both and I use the swingpack more, the wristlet gets in the way sometimes. Depends on where you are planning on using it the most. When shopping the swingpack is great! Stays safely around you also and can carry a lot more. I use the wristlet mostly for bars & clubs.
  3. swingpacks i think because they are real easy to carry around and comfy =]
  4. it depends on what you want it for. if it's for everyday use, then the swingpack is more practical because it's easy to carry around. i have two Coach wristlets, and i use them for when i go out at night to parties, bars and clubs
  5. it deffinatly depends on what you'd use them for. if you are thinking of them as every-day bags, then the swingpack is the best way to go. but, if you want a semi-casual evening bag, then your only choice is the wristlet.
  6. I would rather have the swingpack, but go to the outlet and get both!