wristlet not dressy enough for wedding

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  1. I have a mini signature wristlet in dark brown that I adore. I plan to take it to a wedding coming up and I was wondering if you think it's too casual to bring to a wedding. My dress is not too fancy, no sequins or anything. Here's a photo. The wristlet has a buckle up front, it's at the top center.
    coach wristlets.jpg
  2. I love it! i also love that leather one! I say wear what you want and what you feel comfortable with!! :tup:
  3. I think either the mini sig or the leather framed wristlet (which is yummy!) would be perfect! The framed one looks more like a small clutch. Both are very nice. :tup:
  4. It's absolutely dressy enough for a wedding! You're not going to black tie so I think it's perfect for semi-formal attire (as a guest). I think it just depends on what you wear it with. Paired up with something dressier will make the wristlet look dressier, kwim?
  5. If it's an afternoon wedding it's perfect, I love it. If it's an evening an evening or black tie then you may need something a little dressier like this.
  6. I think any of them would look great! I LOVE the french top clutch tho!
  7. I would wear the leather one!! Its Fab!
  8. Personally, i would use the brown leather kisslock one for a wedding, but you should use what you're comfortable with.
  9. The leather one is very classy. What a great idea to use it @ a casual wedding!
  10. if it matches your dress, go for it! :yes:
  11. Oooo, thanks for sharing the pic, I love it, but it's a bit pricey for a wristlet. :wtf:
  12. I would say def go with the leather wristlet. Its much more classy than the signature one. This is not to say that the signature wristlet is not classy, it is but the problem is that signature wristlets like this have become so common on the streets that it won't look as elegant at a wedding.
  13. I vote for either the buckle one you mentioned or the leather one. The leather one is a tad dressier...would it match well with what you'll be wearing?

    Whatever you choose, have a great time!
  14. I would wear the leather one to the wedding!
  15. I have that leather one (one of my favorite outlet finds!), I would definitely use that instead of the mini signature for the wedding. While the mini signature is nice, I think that the leather looks more dressy and wedding-appropriate.