wristlet...no zipper pull?

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  1. I'm new to Coach. I bought a Madison clover print wristlet and didn't notice in the store that there is no zipper pull. :weird:
    I suppose because the strap clip is connected to the little ring on the zipper when it is on display, it just didn't occur to me in the store. Then, when I got home and went to clip it into the D-ring in my bag, I realized that the only zipper pull is that little silver ring. Seems weird. I thought it was so odd that I went on the Coach website, expecting to see ones with zipper pulls...but nope. I guess that's just how they are sold. Seems kinda lame as it would be easy for them to put a small leather pull on there or something.

    So..what do other people do about a zipper pull for the wristlets? Use a key fob? Or the Coach hangtag? If the hangtag, do you use the ball and chain to attach?
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    Isn't the dogleash clip supposed to attach to the silver ring so the whole strap kind of acts as a zipper pull?
  3. Thanks, keokicat. Yep, you are right, but then if someone wants to clip it into a purse, then there's nothing for a zipper pull, you know? That's why I'm wondering...
  4. ^Yes, this is how it is suppose to work.
  5. I see what you're saying. Maybe you could attach a small fob or something that you can use as a zipper pull.
  6. yes, maybe a fob. Thanks for the suggestion. Just wondering what other folks do?
  7. Correct, cuz the zipper pull is the wristlet strap. there was no hangtag with this wallet.

    your best bet is to attach a keyfob to it :smile:


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  8. I just did a generic search for "Zipper pull" on Amazon and so many things came up. Maybe there's something you'll like.
  9. Thanks keokicat and Bag Fetish.
    Right now, I just decided to move the coach hangtag with ball and chain to the ring to use as a zipper pull. I like the key fob idea. so, then guess I'll just have to buy a fob....:graucho: