Wristlet identification?

  1. Hello,

    I was browsing Flickr and became obsessed with this wristlet. Since it's at an odd angle, it's hard to see more of it.

    I love, love, love this. Please help me identify the style of this so I can find my very own. I've seen similar wristlets with the numbers 1506 and 8360. Is it either? What's the difference between the two?

    *Please note that this is not my photo, and I'm only using it to identify the wristlet.
    cropped Coach.JPG
  2. I have that in tobacco/brown. They are at the outlets right now. They had tons of colors in the ones in Orlando. Hope it helps..... Hold on let me check my receipt..... I can't seem to find a style # on the receipt but I do have a squew (sp?) 657326762657...... hope that helps!!!1
  3. LOL! I was just going to say that I saw these in a bunch of colors this past weekend at the outlet in Orlando. :p
  4. Is it patent leather? I can't tell hardly anything from the angle. if it is, the style number is 40249. :shrugs:
  5. um...hard to say. i don't think it's the 40249 just because this one seems more of a 6f08 kinda size of you kwim...

    i'm guessing she got it a long time ago, or outlet, because the only recent wristlet that we've had where it has a little coach logo stamped on the outside is 40249. and i'm pretty sure that's not it.

    but if you ask what color, it might help, or maybe a better pic of it?
  6. i think its just like mine and i got it from the outlet about a year ago.

  7. Oooh batgirl, cute patent leather wristlet.. I just bought the mahogany and I love it!
  8. i love the patent wristlet because it is so roomy!
  9. yes! I store my glasses, hair ties, and my favorite lipgloss and lipstick in it for easy access in my purse!