Wristlet as a wallet


Jul 31, 2009
Does anyone here use a wristlet as a wallet? I just got a twisted Madison zip top wristlet and an id holder with the idea of using them as a wallet so when I want to, I can just slip my keys and phone in there and go. Am I the only one who wants to do this?

Never Enuf

Debt by Bags
Sep 10, 2013
I use my wristlet as a wallet most of the time. I carry both, a Madison slim wallet and a wristlet. The wristlet has my license, frequently used credit cards and some cash so I can run into a store with just a wristlet and don't lug my heavy bag. The wallet doubles as a clutch if I end up going somewhere fancy. I think they design the best wristlets at Coach. Gotta love them.


Aug 19, 2013
same, been looking at multiple brands and keep coming back to coach as i like the design. The glittery silver actually looks silver compared to fossil. I found a gorgeous clutch/wristlet in coach factory that i wouldn't mind using as a wallet. Just perfect as a clutch for going somewhere fancy. The campbell large wristlet from coach factory strikes my fancy. However guess's version has more cc slots and includes a crossbody strap that can be used as a wristlet strap. Don't know which design I like better. Probably coach's better as it isn't embedded with the logo. Just very subtle. But i prefer it being crossbody