Wristlet... and its use?

  1. What do you use your for?

    I have bid on legacy wristlet hoping my cell will fit into it. If it does I'm going to use it as a HOT camera case.
  2. I use mine for lots of things....and sometimes I carry several at a time....

    • Wallet
    • MP3 Player/Cellphone case
    • "Lady Product" carrier
    • Quick run to the store buddy
    • Lipgloss/magic marker case
    Once it was what I carried to a Stars game (I usually don't carry a bag to the game) when I wasn't feeling 100% great and was afraid of being separated from my hand sanitizer for an entire hockey game. :lol:
  3. I use mine for miscellaneous junk that would otherwise just float around in the bottom of my purse. For example, Handi-wipes, small first aid kit, small swiss army knife, compact mirror, measuring tape, children's benadryl for my son, etc.

    I usually use the little cell phone pocket in most Coach purses for my cell phone. So, I don't need a wristlet for that. But if your phone is big or you use that pocket for something else, then a wristlet would work great.
  4. I have two in my bag right now! I'm using my Holiday Patchwork one as my wallet (for my cards, receipts and random coupons) and I have an older one (I think it might be a Hamptons?) that I threw some Tylenol, Advil and some Rosebud Salve in.
  5. I use mine inside my purse.. it holds extra set of contacts, eye drops, travel lotion, chapstick, tylenol, lipgloss. I have used it once or twice when hubby and I went out alone to a casino.. it worked great to hold my license and money and be able to gamble, have my hands free and not get my purses smokey! :tup:
  6. I use mine for when I go out to the bars (Im a college student) That way I can just kinda attach it to myself and I don't have to worry about ruining any of my bags, bars can be quite scary to a Coach bag!
  7. I use mine for my essential things like credit cards, money, license,cell phone etc. This way I can just take it out of my bag for short trips to the store and not have to take the whole bag so basically everything I "need" is in there for trips without the kids. I have since developed a method for that too. So I always spend so much time packing for the kids so I never get out of the house in time for fear that I may forget something. I know this is OT but somehow ties in so I got 3 bins for my car. 2 for the floor of each carseat so in front of each carseat and one in the back. Each child has their own bin for diapers,change of clothing, snacks,toys,books,extra toothbrush,wipes,etc. gloves and hats. then in the back bin in the hatch part of the suv is stuff if we ever get stuck in a ditch lol non perishable food,extra toothbrushes,firstaid kit (i have 2 in the car) blankets,water,vinyl disposable gloves,saline, isopopryl alcohol) I know I am a freak but anyway, having all of this stuff in my car in an organized system allows me to feel more comfortable with just having to bring my wristlet when I leave the house. I am trying to get more organized but my classic front pocket turnlock leather wristlet was my first coach and I used it way before I started buying bags.
  8. i hinted to DH i want one for vday. will use it as a small clutch for running errands etc or going out at night. also in my purse for lipgloss, tide to go, bandaids, etc and little things that get lost
  9. Wow... you go! Thanks for giving us other mom's your mommy tips!:tup:

    Sorry to continue the OT, but what bins do u use? Do they take up a lot of floor space? I may have to borrow the bin idea since I've been caught on a couple of occasions without spare diapers or clothes :push:
  10. As a wallet because its easier for me and doesn't cost as much.
  11. They are taller thinner bins. I got them at Walmart and they have white covers that snap on. I did a trial and error thing forgetting my measuring tape and guessing the size and these barely fit but it has worked out. They do take up the entire floor but it gives my son a place to rest his feet because we just switched him to a Britax Regent from the Evenflo triumph which is more bucket like. Usually this floor space has all kinds of stuff just thrown there so it is forcing me to be more organized. In my daughter's bin I can also fit her "clean shopper" (like a floppy seat) and playtex hip hammock along with the change of clothes, diapers etc. I think this will really work in the summer too. I will just take the bin into the house and fill with sunblock, extra sun hats, swimmy diapers, extra bathing suits, towels for the beach etc.
  12. Me too! This way I can easily swap with another wristlet with another bag!:tup:
  13. Thank you!! I'll have to check them out!
  14. lots of uses: as a wallet (convenient for those quick trips out when you just need some credit cards and license), inside my bag to put all those giftcards/store cards in, or to store small items like band-aids, allergy meds...

    to those who use them to store lipgloss and other liquid items (tide to go etc)...do you put anything on the wristlets to protect them? I want to use it that way too but am afraid the lipgloss might leak and ruin the wristlets?

    mrs.mc: thanks for the organizing ideas! great tips!
  15. I use mine for receipts. That way I always know where they are and never lose them, and I don't have little pieces of crinkled up paper floating all over my bag. I tried using one as a wallet, but it just doesn't take the place of a wallet for me.