Wrist Strap for Wapity?

  1. Does anyone know if the wrist strap for the wapity can be bought seperately or replaced? Thanks;)
  2. i've been wondering that too :yes:
  3. me too, anyone know?
  4. I've never seen it, but that doesn't mean that it isn't available. I wish LV had a full product catalog that they let *all* of us have, so we would know what we could buy. Hee.
  5. Good question...

    I hardly use mine as I'm worried of getting the strap all icky.
  6. I just called today regarding the spare Wapity strap and it is.... $110.00 !
  7. OMG that is just out of control... I was guessing more like half that.
  8. Noooo way man!

    By the way, great picture Everlong!!
  9. If the strap alone is $110, then I would rather buy a whole new wapity and use the extra case/pouch as a spare. :yes:
  10. Exactly what I was thinking !
  11. same here, it's expensive in comparaison of the wapity price
  12. Grr. That's ridiculous.
  13. That's way overpriced... I mean this thing is so short and weighs, what, 20 grams? *g* I say get another wapity ;)