1. What do you guys think of these wristlets? I like the lilac because its my favorite color.But i like the gold one too.
    Which one should i get? help!:smile:

    Coach - L CHARM
  2. i like the gold one (wristlet)
  3. am i missing something? i only see one wristlet...
  4. Both are nice. I think the Lilac is more fun!
  5. I like the lilac!
  6. well, i like lilac but i think getting the black and the L charm to go with it would be really cute!
  7. I like the lilac too!! :yes:
  8. I have the lilac one and I :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!!

    It and the matching card case I believe will be landing on my favorites list soon!!:love:
  9. I like the gold one!
  10. I'd go lilac... mostly because it's my favorite color, but also because it's a fun, spring color.
  11. I vote for lilac. It's a nice springy color.
  12. it's all about the lilac:smile:

  13. look at the color swatches and then click on each color- the wristlet will then change the proper color.

    i like the gold! the lilac is a littel light for my tastes adn the black looks kinda plastic-y
  14. I have the lilac and I LOVE it!!!! I also have the gold medium skinny version which I also love.
  15. Gold!
    the lilac is a lil' too shiny for me