wrinkly Trio - great customer service experience!


Nov 21, 2012
I bought a large sun Trio 2 weeks ago and after using a few times, I noticed that the front panel was showing wrinkles in the leather. It wasn't very noticeable when I wore the bag, but if you inspected the bag you could tell the leather on the front panel was not like the leather on the rest of the bag. I took it back to the shop and the SA agreed with me right away, and went to check if they had another one. Amazingly, they did (the larges are notoriously hard to find), and she exchanged mine for a brand new one. I really didn't expect that, I thought they would either explain that the leather can naturally be like that, or perhaps that they would send the bag in for repair. I'm so happy that now I have a brand new one, and hopefully the leather won't wrinkle this time! The shop was Paris Grenelle, BTW.


I wish i was rich :)
Jul 10, 2008
You are so lucky and that was the best customer services any buyer can ask for:smile:
Enjoy your new Trio.