Wrinkly bbags?

  1. My greige city has gotten very wrinkly as it's gotten broken in. I love the soft, slouchy leather but am not that crazy about how wrinkly it's gotten. Has anyone else noticed this with their bbags? Does it bother you at all? Is there anything I can do about it?

  2. yummmmmm, i love it when b-bags get that way, especially cities!!! :love:...take a look at my 2 lovely wrinkly '05 dolma & black cities below...i've got a bordeaux city too & i'm hoping she gets more wrinkly with use :p
    DSCF6080 REV.jpg DSCF6093 REV.jpg attachment-8.jpg attachment-7.jpg
  3. I love wrinkly b bags, too!!! The more wrinkled, the better, IMO!!!
  4. aaa, your dolma is great!!!!;)
  5. I think that Balenciagas are designed to "wrinkle" more as they are used.

    I love nothing more than a well-worn distressed b-bag!

    My Twiggy is on its way, but my new City hasnt been used yet, so its still looking crisp!
  6. your dolma is so purty!!! :love: i love when bags break in and get wrinkly, too!
  7. ^^ awe, thanks ladies, i adore her!!! :tender:
  8. I hope my bags make their way to that stage soon!
  9. the wrinklier the better in my books!!
  10. Wow, thanks for posting the pics, aaalabama, this makes me feel much better about my greige. :smile:
  11. Veins and thin leather = bad
    Wrinkles = very good

    aaalabama, your dolma City makes me wanna cry. The more I see dolma the more I NEED it!!
  12. ^^ lol, hope they're tears of joy!!! :p

  13. ^^ goody, embrace the wrinkles!!!
  14. if only all wrinkles were asthetically pleasing!
  15. LOL that made me laugh!:roflmfao: