1. I just received my adios gioco from pulse. I noticed the bag has some wrinkles it it. Which is not make making me happy. I think more care could have been taken on the packaging. It was wrapped in tissue paper and folded somewhat in the box it came in. The bag itself didn't have much stuffing inside to keep its shape.

    I know someone on here had a bianco with some wrinkles in it. Did stuffing it a lot help? I just restuffed mine. Not sure though that it is going to do anything.

    I just noticed that the white really shows everything.
  2. I stuffed it and I think some wrinkles came out... It's not as defined anymore :biggrin: I think it's slowly progressing then again I don't know if it'll stop the wrinkles all together :sad:
  3. I wonder if Pulse got it like that...I got my Olive Cammo Bella Bella from a LeSportsac outlet and it was folded and just stuffed in and it's fine. Maybe it is the construction?
  4. I suppose that is possible. It was one of the last 3 they had in gioco style. Obviously it didn't sell at the store probably for that reason.
  5. My adios zucca has a ton of wrinkles at the top where the bag goes under my arm. I didn't buy it like that but after using it it's gotten all wrinkled like that. I think the white just shows all the imperfections of the bag :shrugs: I'm not sure if my pirata gets wrinkled but if it does, it doesn't show up as much.
  6. My adios star zucca did the same thing Jen. Its all wrinkly at the top. I think its the adios star and the bianco that look so wrinkly. Its not Pulse's fault.
  7. I agree with LatteGrl, it's definitely not Pulse's fault that your bag is wrinkled. It's just the way that bag is. I've just learned to live w/all the imperfections of the adios bag. The back of mine is almost all black on the right hand side from rubbing on my body which I find super weird :confused1: and the top of mine is all wrinkly. But looking at it from the front, like if you're standing near me looking at my bag...it looks awesome!! :love:
  8. I didn't know the adios is prone to wrinkles. Oh, well! Definitely won't be getting a biano for sure. I do like that the adios bag looks great with anything you're wearing.

    I did notice that black fuzzies from my black hoodie rubbed off on the bag though. Luckily it comes off easy enough. It will be hard to keep this bag clean though.
  9. I didn't realize it was wrinkle prone either when I first got it. :shrugs: I agree though, it looks awesome w/what you wear. I :love: it with a black shirt!! The bag rocks :rochard: with black.

    It is pretty much impossible for me to keep it clean. I mean the front of mine is pretty much spotless but the back where it rubs on my clothes is almost black :wtf: . I never tried to get it off and now I'm afraid it's just too late. :shrugs:
  10. I've noticed that my both of my ciao ciaos have wrinkles but the prints are so busy it doesn't bother me. But I think its strange that the nylon would wrinkle! I almost bought one of those giocos BW....I'm glad I didn't ONLY because of the amore coming this week! DH would have thought I needed mental professionals! But, that doesn't stop me wanting it since I'm reading how much ya'll love the print! B/W looks awesome with so many things!
  11. Heh, I never really noticed any wrinkles in mine. Great, now I have to check >__<
  12. It's proabably better if you don't look too hard Jess!! :graucho:
  13. haha, ya think? then maybe it will cause me to have frown lines lol. ack!
  14. Definitely!! :lol: If you haven't noticed the wrinkles I wouldn't go looking for them to make yourself :sad: . I think they all wrinkle I think it just shows up more on the white bags :shrugs:
  15. It is noticeable when you first look at your bag. If you didn't notice it then it can't be too bad.

    Mine are mainly on the top of the bag around the zipper.