"wrinkles" on vernis? Help!

  1. So just the other day I noticed that my new vernis Houston had some "wrinkles" on the vernis, on one side of the bag. :push: Its not the leather itself that's wrinkled, it's looks like it's "underneath" the shiny part (see pics, it's really hard to describe).Argh. It doesn't really bother me THAT much, as you can only notice it in certain light at certain angles (and after all, I didn't notice it at the store when I was buying it). It's only wrinkled for about 2" and I think I could live with it, but I'm just worried that these wrinkles will "grow" (spread to the rest of the bag) with use. :sad:

    Anyway, these "wrinkles" were VERY hard to photograph..I have put some pictures I took here. It's kind of hard to see so I wanted to put some arrows indicating exactly where the damage was, but I'm on a Mac (using iPhoto) and can't for the *life* of me figure out how to edit images to add stuff like that (this is why I don't watermark my photos, even though I know I should, lol).




    So I was wondering if any of you have ever had problems with these "wrinkles" on the vernis? Do they "grow"? (meaning that with time/use, do the wrinkles "spread" to the rest of the bag?) Is this considered a defect by LV (will they let me return it)?

    And I had been thinking of exchanging it for another one, but the store I got it at (LV at Beverly Center) said this was the last one. :sad: Would they let me return it and get another one at a different store? I never had experience with this...I didn't have any problems with my Rosewood or anything else I bought at a boutique....ack, any advice here would be appreciated!!!
  2. You did a great job capturing the "wrinkles". Not many people can do so.

    If it's brand new and already has these wrinkles, you should definitely exchange it for another.
  3. ^ wow, thanks for such a quick response, John! :smile:

    and yeah now that I think about it more and more I should exchange it. Though I'm currently out of town now and won't get back to LA until the 27th, so I'll have to wait until then. :push: I just hope that they can let me return it and get a new one for same price, even though it will be after the price increase and all. And I had bought the display model at the store (last one) so I hope they will let me get another one at another different store (good thing there are so many LV's in LA area! :smile:)
  4. I totally agree with John:tup::tup:

    Get one you totally love without any questions.
  5. Maybe it was handled....i say change :sad:
  6. They won't grow at all and they won't get any worse. This is just how the material ended up stretching differently as it was placed or created.
    If you don't like the way it looks, exchange it, but it's just a little difference in the way it was made.
  7. hope you can get a new oNE!
  8. If you can't get it changed then at least return it and get store credit and wait for them to get you another piece. You should not have to accept such quality. Good luck!
  9. yea if it was the last one then they should definetly take it back! You should be completely happy with it!
  10. LV customer service was locating a bag for me a couple years ago and found one in Virginia and told me it was a display and displays were not returnable and she wanted to make it very clear to me before I bought it. Well, I decided not to buy it sight unseen if it was not returnable, there could have been something I may not have liked about it, especially if it was handled by others. Hope LV will exchange it for you.
  11. :confused1: The customer service is misinformed. Display or not you can definitely return/exchange just like it's brand new taken out from the back room.
  12. just to update, a few weeks ago I returned the Houston and got store credit (since it was the display model and last one, they dind't have another in stock). after getting back from vacation i found a new one at LV Hollywood/Highland, and this one didn't have any wrinkles on it (woo!). plus, i guess it was a blessing in disguise, cuz while i was there i noticed the Sweet Flower bandeau in rouge, that i had been hunting for for weeks...it was their last one! so i guess something good came out of me having to go back and exchange my bag. :biggrin:
  13. [​IMG]

    This is one of the best dressed Houston I've seen :love: Beautiful collection sweetneet!
  14. glad it all worked out sweetneet! congrats on the bag and the lovely bandeau!
  15. thanks Lee69 and mikissima! :smile: