Wrinkles on vachetta

  1. Best way to get them out, or once they're there, they're there?

    Do you think once the leather softens the wrinkles will blend in better? (I noticed that my Batignolles, which has a well-developed honey patina, is very resistant to wrinkles because the leather is much more softer)

    Should I condition the leather more to try to get the wrinkles out? Stuffing the bag inside so the wrinkle will bulge out (and hence it will go away eventually)?

    Other tips?
  2. My patchwork speedy has wrinkles on the tab where the handles attaches...right in the front. At first, it bugged the hell out of me, but now with time, it's blending in. It seems like some of the wrinkles have loosened out or maybe with the vachetta turning, they're blending in. I did condition it though, too.
  3. Ohhh that's good to hear!

    I wonder how the tabs got wrinkles...?? From LV's storage, perhaps??
  4. I have a musette (messenger) that has the very long strap. I find the vachetta on the underside tends to wrinkle more, probably from friction.
    I'm afraid to put anything on it, for fear of making it even more pliable....I guess you will notice wrinkles more at areas where there's alot more stress, (e.g. near hardware, etc.).
  5. I think maybe through storage...don't know. I was so happy to get the bag...I didn't even notice at first. It did get better through time.
  6. That's good to hear. The Aurelia MM I'm picking up tomorrow has the perfect combination I had in mind but from storage the front left piece of vachetta has slight wrinkles in it. Hopefully it'll blend in over time...I'm surprised that the bag's colour combination is overriding the fact that the bag isn't perfect!!
  7. I'm the same way with MC!! It has to be the perfect color combo! I'm usually so picky....I can't believe I settle for a wrinkled tab, but the patchwork was limited here in Vegas. I couldn't be choosy!
  8. The Aurelia MM was the only one that they had...and I can't wait for a store transfer so I just went with it! :p
  9. You know, I noticed that on only ONE handle of my Excursion. It has wrinkles on the underside. I guess where there is stress and tension, wrinkles would form. Pretty much like the skin on your knees. :smile:. Good to know that it will blend in as it ages. I must use my Exc tomorrow. Good question Karman!!!
  10. I had a speedy 25 with wrinkled handles, it drove me so crazy that I sold it...

    I am picky about color combo too! I think it matters! Congrats on your new bag! I can't wait to see pics!