Wrinkles on the underside of my Azur Speedy handles

  1. Now I did a search on wrinkles on handles and only found it about the Damier handles but not about vachetta handles.

    I just bought my Azur Speedy less than 2 weeks ago and have not used it yet and noticed wrinkles on the underside of the handles.

    You can't really see it because my webcam sucks but you can definately see it irl. They are like vertical lines going up and down:


    My Monogram Speedy's handles are not like this.

    Is this normal and are anyone elses Azur Speedy handles like this? TIA! :flowers:
  2. Mine aren't like that...sorry I can't help ya!
  3. my damier keepall is like that but its not really a big deal to me.
  4. My speedies have that too, my damier and epi.
  5. No one else has it on their vachetta handles? :cursing:
  6. I think it's normal, it's probably due to the tighter stitching :yes:
  7. I had wrinkles on my old mini hl of many moons ago. LV SAs said that was normal because of the curve of the handles.
  8. dont worry, mine is the same, but it doesnt bother me b/c you cant see it :yes:
  9. my azur speedy 25 is also the same way... i guess that's normal?
  10. not sure if its normal or defect, but my friends speedy is the same way.
  11. it happens, like normal wear and tear, my miroir pap's handle are 10 times worse :crybaby:
  12. I think it might be because the vachetta is softer than that of my mono speedy. :shrugs:
  13. Its normal. It'll loosen up as the laether softens.
  14. At least its on the underside of the handles and not the top? I'm sure once it darkens it'll be less noticeable.
  15. Anyone else have this?