Wrinkles on the base of Reissue 227 '06???

  1. Hi guys, sorry if the pictures turn out HUGE but I am not too familar with uploading pictures.

    I have a question- is the base of the reissues all wrinkley this year? and from the side it looks like a V-shape (a fat V i guess)... wanted to make sure that is NORMAL and happens to 99% of the reissues because otherwise I feel I have bought a far from perfect bag.


    thankyou everyone so much for all you help, you guys are just so wonderful :smile:
  2. It looks like it got smooshed... maybe when they stored it.... i see sometimes that they throw things into closets w/out boxes....
  3. I wouldn't/couldn't keep it personally.
    I'd try and locate another one.

    I've seen the creases before, but not the wrinkles, and I wouldn't want one w/ either : (
  4. I couldn't keep it knowing how much it costs. When you bring it back... show them. I did that this week w/ a white east/west... they will understand and hopefully find you a different bag!!
  5. I think all reissues are flattened so they have creases on them -- to make them look older or something. Mine have a crease across the bottom, but it is not wrinkly like that.
  6. Swanky and japskvit are correct. Take it back asap, this of course, has been smashed. Did you order it and it came by mail? You will get your refund and due to the fact that this is not a perfeft bag. Hopefully, they will do everything possible to locate another bag for you. So sorry, I would have been horrified!!!
  7. It does not look correct.. like there is a defect in the leather. I have this bag, and mine does not at all look like this, and I have worn it for awhile. I would take it back also.
  8. Mine does not look like that, I am sure they will find you another one if you return it.
  9. All of mine have a v shape at the bottom, but none are wrinkled like that.

    They do come flattened, hence causing the v shape - which will flatten with time and use.
  10. Aww thanks everyone!!!

    I am so sad its the last one... But ya something didnt look so RIGHT either... sigh* and nope I didnt order it, it came from the boutique. It looks smashed to me too!! so while creases are normal I think mine is too much right? You guys are sooooooo helpful!!!!
  11. My SA was off work when I went in to buy it so the assistant manager helped me with it. I asked her if that was normal and she said yes. but actually there are no refunds at my local boutique. Its exchange ONCE only - then it becomes a final sale hehe. Oh well... Good news is I called TO and they have one! I asked her the condition she said their all wrinkly at the base but I told her I think mine is worst...so tomorrow I am going to go to the boutique check out their smaller sizes and if its not all like that I will ask them to do the transfer.

    Speaking of which (Is anyone from TO? )
  12. Another problem that I just realized: Do you see two different color patches of leather on the base??? It looks like its not the same tone of white!!! OMG :sad: I put two pictures - I switched the sides around to ensure it wasnt my eyes or the camera. Tell me if you can see a notable difference in shades.
    oh and I feel horrible I dont want to have to bring back my bag and do an exchange I always exchange it once because im so indecisive !!!!
    Thanks a million again !!!

  13. yeah, one side looks a little pink{?}
  14. Yes, the left side looks a little pink on my screen compared to the right side on the screen.

    Yikes - I can't believe they sold you that at regular price! To me that does not look right. I don't have the re-issue, but I looked at them in calgary, and there was a small dip, but not the wrinkles/deep creases like that!

    P.S. I'm not from TO, but from the other side of Canada! Nice to see another Canadian!
  15. Hi Yorelica, I hadn't seen your pictures before.

    The crease is normal, but that extra wrinkling around it isn't. It looks kind of puckered. The leather on my bag isn't like that at all.

    I'd see if you can find another in-store, so that you can compare them and likely exchange yours.