Wrinkles on my sole >__<"

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  1. Hi Ladies

    I went yesterday to buy new loubies and noticed that my brand new shoes has wrinkles on one pair. Is that normal?
    I'm quite concerned that the sole will crack or sth if I started wearing my shoes.

    here's a pic of the sole :


    I have another question :sweatdrop:. Is this style the same as the one in the CL website?

    Here's mine


    and here's the shoes I'm I asking about, click . The details are quite different, but same style? TIA!
  2. The wrinkles are nothing to worry about. I had these on a pair of mine and with wear the wrinkle went away.

    Also, I believe yours are the Eco Trash, while the website is showing the Winter Trash, though I could be mistaken.

    Either way, I'm so jealous that you own these! I want!
  3. Yeah, totally not a big deal... I have lots of pairs that have this. :flowers:
  4. Not to worry!!!
    Enjoy your gorgeous shoes!!
  5. OP, just to make you feel better, here is a brand new pair I literally just got today. See the wrinkles? ;)

  6. Don't worry girl, lots of mine have the same wrinkles.
  7. I would not worry a lot of my CLs have wrinkles in them :winkiss:
  8. What a relieve :nuts:! I checked almost every shoes in the CL btq and they looked
    perfect, that's why I was quite worried when I saw the wrinkles.
    Thank you so much ladies :hugs:

    @ jenaywins" Thank you, I feel better now :nuts:
  9. :welcome:
  10. I have an old pair that has lots of wrinkles :P
  11. ...me thinketh your shoe needs some Botox.
  12. Right!? :lol:
  13. I have that on some of my CLs and it irritates me.

  14. :roflmfao::greengrin:
  15. I just figure it comes along with owning Louboutins. For me, it's a small issue on such beautiful shoes. :love: