wrinkles on my damier speedy handle

  1. i just notice yesterday that on my speedy one of the handles has some wrinkles in the central where you normally hold the bag.

    does anyone have this problem too????

    i'm not sure whether its because i placed my bag close to the heating at work or it's natural as time goes by the handles get a bit of wrinkle because of use.

    u dun notice it unless i point it out.
  2. Once I brought my damier speedy outside when it was sprinkling, and ever since then the underside of the handles are slightly wrinkled. It's ok though b/c it's not noticeable.
  3. i've had creases on the underside of my speedy handles from the first day i began using it. it's completely normal, i think. the leather isn't that hard - it's bound to have creases with use...
  4. phew..... thanks i thought there was something wrong on mine.
  5. i used mine a lot last summer. Its perfectly fine so i suppose its not because of regular use :confused1: but i guess because its on the handles and theyre dark it shouldn't be noticeable.
  6. Nope, nothing is wrong with it. Leather wrinkles with time/use. Obviously, some may be worse than others depending on how the bag is gripped/carried.... It's meant to be worn and rest assured it is of great quality, so enjoy!!!
  7. Mine came with wrinkles when I first purchased it (from the LV store). I don't know whether it was pre-owned or whatnot.
  8. My Damier alma handles were like that when my husband bought it for me. It kinda bugged me at first, but now I don't even think about it. I don't think it's considered a defect. But from now on whenever I buy my bags I always check that part.
  9. Phew - at least I know now that I'm not the only one! You're always coming to my rescue, Melissa :p :heart:
  10. Both of my Damier Speedys (25 & 30) have the wrinkles on the underside of the handles, but when I first got them, the purses didn't have the wrinkles. The wrinkles just appeared overnight - at least that how it seemed to me. You can feel the wrinkles when you are holding the bag, but the top of the handles look perfect, so I guess I'm ok with it...
  11. Mine are exactly that way too, don't worry. From the top they look perfect but on the underside they are wrinkly so that they feel ribbed. It makes sense because the damier leather is treated and therefore has less "stretch". Since the underside of the handle is a smaller arc than the top it's natural for wrinkles to form.
  12. mine too, :sad:(... i bought my damier 30 from the store, and i didnt notice it at first since i'm too excited, :sad:... now i think i'm learn my lesson...
  13. i think it is okay if we got the wringkle, tear or anythin because of ourselves, but if it is already got *thing* from the stores and i didnt realize it, it does bug me sooo much.....
  14. ^
    ALL the reassurance from this thread is making me beam :smile:
  15. Mine too, i reported the same problem time ago..don't worry, it's normal!:yes: