Wrinkles on Chanel Business Affinity

  1. Hey everyone! I’m really new to Chanel and just made my first purchase on fashionphile of the Chanel Small Business Affinity in Beige. I was so excited to receive it and it’s absolutely gorgeous. However I did notice a couple flaws and I paid close to retail for the bag (without tax).

    The leather on the side of the bag appears to be a smooth leather different to the rest of the bag. I noticed on one side it is a lot more wrinkled than the other side. The other side looks nearly perfect. I also noticed a very small spot and there is a pocket on the inside that is a bit stretched out.

    There are no other flaws but I’m wondering if the wrinkling on one side is normal and if it’s really worth the cost. Thoughts and advice are appreciated! I posted both sides to compare.
    9C16F8BF-018C-4AFD-9B35-DEBFAD464C83.jpeg F822C545-0809-41C3-B0C4-4067880AD17B.jpeg
  2. Oh my! I️ just purchased this bag from the Chanel Boutique a couple of weeks ago so I️ appreciate you posting the pictures. I️ checked my bag and both sides are smooth. I️ suspect the flaws you see come from someone squishing the bag when storing it. It should be smooth not wrinkled. But if it doesn’t bother you don’t worry about it. Let us know what you decide. GL.
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  3. Unfortunately, I am not able to open your pics:sad: But I have two BA bags and neither of them have any wrinkles.
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  4. Yeah, I ended up returning it. It definitely looked off and Fashionphile had it priced at retail. I guess I'll hold out for something else. Thanks for replying and letting me know yours didn't come like that!
  5. Thats strange the pictures didn't open. Thanks for letting me know. I def returned it.
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  6. Now I can see the pics...I wonder if the problem was on my end. One thing I can say from looking at your pictures is that this looks like the version of the BA that was released in Spring 2017. That version had softer, smoother leather on the sides/bottom and would be more prone to wrinkling. The two BA bags I purchased were from Fall 2017.They have caviar in those areas and are much less prone to wrinkling. The bags look pretty similar except for the smooth leather on the sides and bottom. I would definitely try to repurchase the newest version if you can find one...it is truly my favorite style at the moment:smile: I'm glad you were able to return it!
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  7. Thank you for the great info Stacey31! I have a pink one and it’s all over caviar and since I am considering possibly getting another one I will pay attention to the sides since I definitely not like the smooth leather. It’s crazy how they implement all those minor variations each season.
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  8. I juz knew this from your post, there is a difference between fall 2017 and spring 2017 version! I feel so lucky to purchase the version in fall 2017 with caviar ok all sides!
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