wrinkles in wrinkles?

  1. just caught a glimpse of a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful h plisse, and looking beautiful.
    quick question, when you knot regular scarves, they get creased and wrinkled. with these amazing pleated scarves, what happens in the knot? do they de-pleat? what is the effect on the silk?
  2. HH - my first Plisse is a Grands Fonds (of course!) in raspberry that I bought in 1999 (I think?)...anyway, after years of tying ( and I tie little knots in my Plisses sometimes) it now has a flat spot, around the size of a dime....completely flat. but my SA told me I could just send it to Paris for re-pleating if I ever want to. I also had a Pareurs Oceane that I sent to be plissed, and it cost around $60 AUD, and it came back perfect, so you know if you DO get flat spots, they can always be fixed!

    I recommend every gorl own at least one Plisse - they are a dream to wear - like a little sculpture of the neck!
  3. By the way, they recommend the plisses be stored rolled up in their little round boxes to maintain the pleats for as long as possible. after wearing, I may air it ffor a while, then straight back in the box.
  4. thanks grands fonds - very helpful.

    any recommendations about patterns (not specific, but styles) that look best pleated? strong border, dark background, light background, anything?
  5. I like larger prints plissed...I've seen many smaller prints - Rencontre Oceane is a good example - very busy design, and the pleating makes it seem really quite fussy.

    I also like a fair amount of white in the design...it 'pops' in the plisses!

    By the way, did you know every H scarf has the colour white in it somewhere? Every single one, apparently, and I can't think of one that doesn't, so it may be right!
  6. i did not know that about the white.
    can you name a few scarf designs for examples of larger prints?
  7. Here are some plisses, HH. I plan on getting another in NYC next week....I love them!

    First, here is "Les Pivoines" flat and then after it was pleated.....
    _MG_1478pivoines1.jpg _MG_2919Pivoines2.jpg
  8. Here is "Les Petite Metiers"......
  9. Wonderful before and after -- Thank You!!
    I also just saw a plisse on someone, of course, I can't remember who or where, but it looked absolutely lovely.
  10. And this is "Jardin Creole" a la Kate Hudson and ROSE!!! (sorry.....this is the only foto I have of this plisse and I love it)
  11. shopmom, i'm distracted because i'm on the phone with my mom, but you look fantastic!!! that sweater over the long sleeves -- so so great. hang on, more in a sec.
  12. thanks GF for the info! that's really good to know!

    shopmom I love love love Les Petite Metiers plisse.
    and the modeling picture! beautiful!
  13. I'm channeling Rose there.......she does that Kate Hudson thing so well!!!!
  14. oh shopmom that white and pink one is so pretty i could cry!
  15. shopmom thank you so much for these pictures. that is amazing, how much the color changes when it's pleated. les pivoines is GORGEOUS!!! had you seen it pleated prior to sending it? how did you decide/select it to have it turned into a plisse????
    i love the delicate chain at your throat - so pretty peeking out.