Wrinkles in Matelasse Wallet (Red)

  1. Hi all, picked up my first Miu Miu today, just wondering if there is supposed to be wrinkles/creases in the leather? Pictures attached. There's also some creasing on the inside as well. Sorry the picture is a little blurry but I tried to circle in white. Also would appreciate some tips in taking care of it! Thanks all.
  2. Congrats, I have a wallet like this in pink :smile: So cute :heart:

    As regards the creasing, it can be seen on some pieces (and eventually can happen also later with use), but if it bothers you, I suggest you go back and exchange it for another piece without the creases :smile: I keep my wallet in a fabric pouch inside my bags to protect it from dirt and creases.
  3. Hm this was the only one they had left :sad:
  4. If you really like the style and colour of the wallet, I think you should keep it then :smile: I don't think it's a defect, I also checked my other Miu miu matelassee items and almost all of them have at least minor wrinkles and creasing at the corners, so I believe it's quite common and will happen with use anyway :smile: The quilts of the leather are hollow I believe, so it's natural for the leather to bend on the corners.

    Don't worry and enjoy your new wallet :flowers::flowers:
  5. ooo ok thank you :smile:
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