Wrinkled piping on my Birkin...

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  1. Hello everyone.

    Has anyone experienced wrinkled piping like this? I bought my Birkin from Hermes Palm Beach back in 2009. I *think* I remember there was wrinkling back then but I was so happy with the bag that it didn't matter. Even though I stuff the bag, I believe it's gotten worse while stored. I've only carried it five time tops, so maybe the wrinkles will stretch out with more use(?). Anywho, just wondering if there's anything I can do.

    Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. Very normal for leather piping
  3. Yes hon... It's normal, she is a beauty, you should take her out more often, make her your buddy. Life is too short to leave our "love ones" at home.
  4. yes i kind of like it even because it usually happens where the bag folds so its part of beauty and evolution of a well loved and cared for birkin enjoy in the best of health Darling !!!!!!
  5. OMG, I read this as, make her your hubby! BC life is too short to leave your love ones at home!!! LOL
  6. Oh that's very funny :lol:
  7. Lol. I treat all my handbags as my leather kids:lol:. I know some girls refering their handbag collection as the "boyfriends"... Not sure the real boyfriends like the idea or not..😆
  8. Thank you everyone!!! I feel much better about it now!!

  9. You are so right!!! I have so many bags that have sat in my closet for way too long! That's going to change. :smile:

  10. Thank you sweetness!!!
  11. Perfectly normal, try not to overstuff birkin. cos the weight does stress the handles and pipping
  12. lovely bag - i agree with the other ladies suggesting that you take her out more often
  13. Yes happy bag must use breath stretch expose stay happy
  14. I was told by my SA that to hang the bag on a hook or door handle when not using. The bag will hold up the shape bette, less wrinkle. If you are not carrying it at all, then store flat in the box.