Wrinkled patent owners?

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  1. I'm thinking about buying a rouge noir wrinkled patent bayswater, but I'm unfamiliar with the leather, and would love to know how it holds up. Can I use it in the rain without the patent becoming bubbly etc.. And I remember reading about wrinkled patent peeling sometimes, but hopefully not always right?

    Thank you for your help :smile:!
  2. I think there have been some issues with the leather peeling..... hopefully someone who knows more will be along soon
  3. the rouge noir bayswaters and darias peel with use it seems to be a fault with the leather. they bubble and peel and look unsightly. i retuned a rouge noir wrinkled patent daria as it was peeling.
    they are however water proof :smile:
  4. I returned an e/w bays in rn wrinkled patent beause of peeling. It started peeling the first time I used it :sad:. Perhaps I was unlucky, but I wasn't the only one with this problem... Otherwise it was just beautiful!
  5. Thanks for the answers! The peeling really is concerning.. Does anyone have a wrinkle patent that hasn't peeled :biggrin:? I'm having second thoughts about buying one now..
  6. I have a rouge noir wrinkled patent Daria that hasn't peeled. However, I've probably only used it 10-15 times, last winter. I need to get it out again and start using it soon, actually :thinking: If it's going to peel, I need it to happen before the 12 month warranty is up!
  7. I hope it's not all of the bags, It's nice to hear that you've used yours ditab and it hasn't peeled yet! but I just have to decide if it's worth the risk I guess, the bag does look lovely though and I have no patent bags yet..
  8. I have the wrinkled patent in black in bays clutch and hasnt peeled so far ..used it lots.
  9. I also have a small Bays clutch in black wrinkled patent and it hasn't peeled at all. I've only used it four times though!
  10. It seems to be a problem with the rouge noir patent for some reason :sad:
  11. I have the rouge noir clutch and no peeling as far as I can see....
  12. I have the 100th anniversary WP Selfridges Bays - no peeling & no extra wrinkles along the top flap........i love it!
  13. My RN Bays was sent back to Mulberry because of peeling (sigh!). It was such a beautiful colour and the texture of the wrinkled patent before it peeled was divine.

    By all means purchase, but if it does start to peel you can only return it to Mulberry for a refund if it is within 12 months of the original purchase date and if you have the receipt.

    I don't think I'd purchase another, the peeling was very disappointing.
  14. Oh Ells can we see a picture of that bays? Not sure I know the one.
  15. i guess it's like the alexa- hit and miss scenario!