Wrinkled patent - good or not?

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  1. Hello,

    I have my eye on a cheeky little wrinkled patent black number. Can anyone tell me how the wrinkled patent bears up over time?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I've used my black wrinkled patent small Bays clutch on only four occasions, and so far so good. I think everyone who has anything in the black wrinkled patent has said theirs is fine. It's the rouge noir wrinkled patent that started peeling badly, which Mulberry deemed a fault with the leather.

    Are you looking at one of the many brand new black wrinkled patent bags on ebay? If so, just beware that the prices are hugely marked up. The outlets are selling the Ledbury's for £285!
  3. Thanks for that, KLP. Except that I saw one in an outlet today for £315, please can you tell me where you saw them for sale at the lower price?!
  4. Oh jeez, maybe they've upped the prices already. One of the girls here saw the Ledbury's at Bicester (I think) a couple weeks ago and they were £285.
  5. Sigh. I've seen them on Ebay for £395. Outlet price today was definitely £315. I was *this* close to taking it to the till and am now kicking myself!
  6. Oh no! Do they still do mail order? I'd ring them up first thing tomorrow!
  7. You have read my mind ;)
  8. Bummer!