Wrinkled leather underneath thames damier strap?

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  1. Hi has anyone had this problem with the leather wrinkling on the damier de bags?
  2. Yes I had some. Just a little is normal. If you have too much then is not a good craftsmanship.
  3. The whole underneath has started to wrinkle. I have barely used it it's my going out bag. Should I get it repaired.? Do,you think it will crack? It's about 4 years old so I know they won't cover it. I'll have to pay
  4. If it cracks then it should be free to repair. But sometimes you might get a nice SA and they will repair it for free when is very bad, but not crack. If you are close to a store, should take it in and ask.
  5. Thank u I'm gonna bring it in this week.