Wrinkled leather on new Mulberry (pics) - need opinions please

  1. I scored a new Mulberry Roxanne in olive at Neiman Marcus Last Call for only about $500...however the back of the bag has some serious wrinkling (see right side of the photo of the back). I love the bag and the color and I think the price is a great deal (retail price was $1195). I don't think this color is available elsewhere or will be made again soon...so...I guess I'm looking for opinions on whether you think this amount of wrinkling is acceptable in a new Mulberry. I know in some bags wrinkles are even desirable but I think Mulberry leather is supposed to be relatively hard and then just soften with age, but not necessarily get all creased like this. Would this happen anyway with normal use of the bag? It looks like the wrinkles are quite deep, like elephant skin creases almost. Is it possible that this is just a natural feature of the leather? On photos of other Mulberry Roxannes I've seen the leather has always looked relatively smooth.

    On the other hand, do you think Mulberry *might* be willing to fix the leather somehow or replace it for me? Their policy as stated on the little card is "We strive to make sure that every item we sell is perfect" and since it's supposed to be a brand new bag perhaps this leather condition could be considered a defect. I love their bags so I don't want to abuse their policy but would this be fair?

    Or should I just return the bag and forget about it? Do you think I would regret it?

  2. It doesnt look that bad, although its hard to really see it in pics. That bag has character. Frankly, I prefer that. $500 is a good price. If you like the bag I would keep it. I have one in apple that I love!!
  3. Thanks for your opinion! Yes, it's probably just me fretting too much, so it's nice to get some perspective. I wasn't sure whether it was reasonable to worry about it or not.

    Usually I'm kind of OCD about buying new things, like I'll spend endless amounts of time examining things and pick one out of a dozen to get the most "perfect" one.... I guess since the wrinkles are on the back, it's not really that visible when I carry it anyway.
  4. I think it looks normal. Lovely color!
  5. I personally think it's gorgeous and agree with Greenie the wrinkles certainly add character. The leather on your bag by the way looks amazing! And gorgeous color as well. I'd keep her. It's a beautiful bag =)
  6. Thank you! :flowers:

    I think I just needed to hear that it looked okay, and not feel like someone might say "What happened to your bag, did someone sit on it?!" :sweatdrop: If I had to pay full retail price, this amount of creasing would definitely bother me, but I think I can now carry her happily.

    Also, for reference the olive color is actually darker than it appears in the photos - the flash washed it out a bit.
  7. It looks wonderful, and when you fill it up and start carrying it the wrinkles will probably smooth out.
    Keep it!
  8. I think it looks good.

    Spray it with water replent. My Roxie got messed up with rain. I sent it back to the store I got it at and they had to darken the whole bag. I actually like it better because now it looks more vintage.
  9. I love the color and I think the wrinkling is not noticeable and seems "natural" to the bag. Just remember to weather proof it!
  10. I think it looks great. Here's a pic of my wrinkly annie!!

    smaller still.jpg
  11. I think it's beautiful and think the wrinkles will smooth out over time as you use it and fill it...if not it's still beautiful.
  12. I have a few mulberry bags in darwin leather, the leather on the bayswater and ledbury seem quite strong and less wrinkly though my rosemary (baby roxanne) is more like yours! I personally love it and it will so look better the more you use it! :smile:
  13. I think that's why it ended up in the sale for $500. People didn't want to pay full price for that crinkling. You have to remember that a piece of leather has many qualities, and when they cut it for the bag, sometimes a crinkly piece gets to be part of the bag. I'm surprised Mulberry let that bag out and didn't put it in the outlet. You don't think it was previously used, do you? All this said, I think when you start using it, and put things in it, it will become yours and look fabulous. I would certainly have bought it at that price! The color is sen-sational. Enjoy!
  14. I think it beautiful, fantastic price too.
  15. Its absolutley gorgeous! I love the olive colour, I'd love something in that next (but not for a very long time!). Dont worry about the wrinkling at all, like the others said, it will smooth out a little as you use it; I personally think they look better when they are aged and not so 'shop new' anyway.