Wrinkled Bag

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  1. The back of my first is becoming very wrinkled and worn. Is there any way to refurbish the leather to make it less wrinkled? Would I be able to send it in to Balenciaga so they can treat it?
  2. it sounds as if the leather is getting dry - try putting some leather conditioner on it, like apple guarde or LMB. that should do the trick!:yes:
  3. Do you think it would get rid of the wrinkles?
  4. does the leather looked cracked? or is it veiny, where there are lines in the leather? if it's just cracked, a conditioner will soften it up, plus using it will break in the bag as well. if there are white veins, nothing will get rid of that.

    do you have any pics? i could tell for sure by actually seeing it.
  5. I'll post pictures tomorrow.
  6. I have just gone thru the same thing. As we don't have LMB or AG in Australia, I took it to my local shoe repairer and he has all the conditioner under the sun. He says he can work magic! He even has a Blueberry Navy paint he can use on the leather sealer in case mine ever cracks!!! Phew, I am so happy about that. He sold me a product called "Shu Glo" and it has worked wonders plus restored shine! I can't believe my luck!
  7. can u buy LMB or appleguard in stores or do u ALWAYS have to order them!?
  8. I would condition it and then stuff it with tissue to smooth it out when not in use. :flowers:

    Personally I think that broken in b-bags look fantastic!
  9. you can buy both LMB and AG online, just google them :yes:

    i too love that broken in bag look - very cool :p
  10. broken bags got character!! i likie :smile:
  11. i personally love wrinkly skin on my bags, as long as it's not on my face LOL
  12. :roflmfao: lol. i totally agree.
  13. lol @ seahorseinstipres