wrinkle in leather?

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  1. over the weekend, i've noticed that my hillier hobo has some kind of deep wrinkle in the leather :/

    are wrinkles like this natural or can i prevent them in the future?

    i know this question is so "high-maintenance" of me to ask, but then again, aren't we all? haha
  2. Do you have a picture? Hilliers have such pebbled leather, I suppose it wouldn't be a stretch for them to develop larger wrinkles over time. Since you use it regularly, though, I'm not sure how that might happen....
  3. I think you should post pics.
  4. Yeah I think a pic will help. I do have a similarly shaped non MbMJ bag (a Hayden Harnett Nico) that has a similar bottom half. I store this one (along with my HH Havana hobo) flat with no stuffing to avoid wrinkles. I learned this at the HH forum. The leather is pretty different though from the Hillier. Just a suggestion.
  5. if you can post a pic, we can take a look at it :yes: was it always there or it has developed over time?
  6. [​IMG]

    hi guys, here's a (not very good) picture. is the line in that picture normal?
    thanks very much :smile:
  7. Oh I see what your talking about!
  8. Does it bother you? If you got it at a department store, you can probably return it. But like I said, it's probably just a natural seam caused by the pebbled nature of the leather.
  9. The more I look at it the less of a deal it is to me. Leather's never perfect. Thanks for your help :smile: