~*~Wrinkle Creams~*~

  1. Hi!!
    I am looking for the best wrinkle cream, does anyone have any suggestions!!??:flowers:
  2. I tuink once you have lines they arent going to go away, key is to start using/protecting yourself early in life before this starts.

    I have tried several things though,
    I love L'oreal eye cream the best and i've ried clinique and lancome waste of money

    I have also tried Lis Watier ( i think the spelling is) night and day cream LOVE it!

    I have noticed that getting facials help too. You need a great cleaning product first and be sure to use sun screen foundation or day cream.
  3. I think that sisley is great or la mer.
  4. Roc has some great products and they are not expensive. LaMer tends to be heavy.
  5. Do these places have websites to make purchases online?
  6. A good cleanser followed by:

    Estee Lauder's Idealist Thermal Skin Refinisher Scrub(only product I like form that company); Dermalogica's Daily Resurfacer, Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Capsule serum and eye-treatment and favourite moisturser.

    The long and short is, there is no wonder cream, you have to find a range of products(not necessarily the same brand) that create VISIBLE results.
  7. Strivectin!! I saw it take 5 years off my mother...
  8. Elizabeth Arden Millenium Day Cream and eye cream I swear by them!!!!!
  9. Can you say KINERASE...I love that stuff!
  10. Orlane Extreme Re-Plumping Cream or Orlane Global Anti-Aging
  11. Yup...Start with a good cleanser..I use Aveda and I'm so glad I switched...I use this stuff called Joey Line Up to plump my fine lines and works like a charm....Really...:heart: Emmy
  12. I use "Happylogy night" from Guerlain. It´s not really anti-deep wrinkles but anti first wrinkles and it "re-plump" my face. I look more fresh in the morning it´s the 1st time I have seen significant results from a cream.
    It´s best for 28-35 years old.
  13. :yes: Philosophy "hope in a jar" this totally transformed my face and my husbands. It was recomened to me by my dermatolagist. I bought the super size jar and use it on my neck and chest and what a difference. My husband starting using it when he noticed such a difference in my skin. Now we both glow.
  14. I started using strivectin when I first saw signs of aging at the corners of my eyes and I have virtually no wrinkles.

    IMO, You can't just use creams though, you also have to eat properly (get enough protein, healthy fats like fish and olive oil) not drink to excess, take care of yourself.
  15. I agree with Robyn--taking care of yourself is SO important! I try to eat well, drink lots of water, run with my dogs most days, AND use sunscreen!

    In addition to that, moisturizer can help. I use mostly Estee Lauder products--so far I haven't found any miracle creams! I find La Mer is great for excema, and it's a good long-lasting moisturizer as well.