Wrestling with Ginger thoughts

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  1. I don't think I've seen the terraine color in person so I don't know how heavy it appears and if it would be more suited to fall/winter than spring/summer. Is that a factor for you? Do you want to be able to wear it now, or could you hold on to it for the fall? BTW, what is the fall weather like in the Middle East, still really hot? For sure though, that bag would look great anytime of year up in Seattle!
  2. I'll tell you one thing. You will fall in love with that Terraine leather. It is different then any other Kooba leather I've seen. It's so distressed you never have to worry about a scuff or scrape. It's just a fabulous texture. Lindy will attest to this. We both have the Maria in terraine and I also had the Carla but sold it because it was too large. I wish Kooba made some more bags in this type leather. I don't care for the Ginger style but I would buy that bag just for it's luscious leather.

  3. Gosh Lexie, I love your Maria in terraine, it looks fab. Is the Maria smaller in size than the Ginger and Carla, it looks like it, so perhaps that's what I should hold out for, as it has the same platted ropes and grommets (excuse the poor description) and looks so similar to the Ginger and Carla. I'm not sure about the Ginger being so far up the armpit, but the Carla is also definitely too big. Maybe I need to hold out and hope a Maria comes up on the secondhand market as I have ongoing doubts about the Ginger. I tend to think if I was sure, I would have snapped one up by now. I think I do need a Maria in terraine. It's just a matter of finding one now.

    Youngster, this country is hot, hot and hot. Okay so winter time it goes down to about 60F early morning and then increases to the 70s throughout the day, but the sun still seems to shine constantly. The summer time is unbearable - 110F-125F. My java Jessie is great to wear with a cream dress and brown shoes, but it also works with winter wear too. I just feel I need something a little bigger, and perhaps different color for a bit of variety. I'm hoping to pick up a Jillian in sand as well.

    Lexie, you look great in your new avatar - fab photo.
  4. I think the terraine leather looks great. I think it makes the ginger 'look' better than the plainer brown-type ones. :yes:

    Terraine Marias are rare these days. Any type of Maria is rarely seen on eBay. I guess they were really popular.

    I lived in saudi as a child as my father was a bio-medical engineer (posh term for a guy who tinkers with hospital equipment! :lol:) I remember that it was so hot that school times were from 7am until 1pm, as it was too hot in the afternoon to be at school. I was at an american school, much to the annoyance of my UK teachers later, as I had learnt the alphabet there, so when I finally returned to the UK years later, I would say 'ZEE' instead of 'ZED' and they would always tell me off! And the scandal I caused when I said 'faucet' instead of 'Tap'....LOOL! Anyway Im rambling.

    I think the ginger terraine would be a great 'hot country' bag. Its got that desert chic thing going on! :yes:
  5. My Maria (also terraine) is by far my favorite Kooba for comfort & style, but Halzer is right, they are pretty rare.
  6. Mini- I just posted this on the other board where you had this - my friend has this exact Ginger and it's gorgeous in person! I kept trying it on and carrying it around in the mall while we were shopping - LOL - what made me decide to get a Ginger (I got black but would have loved this color as well). BTW, I carried my black Ginger today for the first time and it's fabulous! So comfortable and I fit everything I needed in it - it has great pockets/zipper so I could find my phone and keys easily and it looked great!

    I think it's perfect for year round (except maybe winter?) to be honest. It's summer here in CO and the color is perfect (better than my black one actually) and i love the weathered look as you could get scratches on it, etc and never see it. And it's great for fall too.
  7. Desert chic, LOL I like it!

  8. Couldn't agree more. The terraine leather is soooo awesome. It only gets better with use too! I love the ginger and always wanted one in the chestnut. I have the carla in terraine and I think you would be really happy with this bag!
  9. Mini, get that Darned Ginger quick before someone else nabs it. It may be a long time coming finding a Maria so get this in the meantime. And you will love it. If you then find a Maria you can sell this one.

    The Maria is an exceptional bag. It's the little sister of the Carla. Great shoulder bag without the bulk. It doesn't hold a huge amount but more than it looks. It comfortabley carries all of my crap with a little room to spare.
  10. Oh you girls are so baaaad for my wallet. Just as I'd decided I have to wait for an elusive Maria, you have me thinking about that darn Ginger again :nuts:. I previously sent a message to the seller (who sounds wonderful). She's prepared to send it to me here in Saudi Arabia too...... aarrrrhhhhh! Someone snap it up before my head bursts from having to make a decision.

    The hard part is I know deep down the Maria would fit me better, but that Ginger, the color is so ooh aah!

    Halzer - I'm a Brit, but I was raised in Iraq for the first 5 years as Dad worked for BP. I came out to work for the biggest oil company in the world here in Saudi Arabia in 1996. It used to be a good place to save money, until some eBay sellers decided that yes, they'd mail stuff to me!

    Okay, I've decided, the terraine Ginger isn't quite right, but if it doesn't sell and gets relisted at a lower price, then maybe that will persuade me to go for it.
  11. I wish I didn't have to pay so much for shipping, insurance and then the dreaded customs duty, which would be anything from 6% upwards, depending which side of the bed the customs officer got out of! Grrrr..... I can't wait to live back in the real world!!!
  12. I totally understand you wanting the Maria or something smaller but I hope someone grabs that Terraine Ginger as I have said, my girlfriend has it and it's gorgeous! If I hadn't needed a black bag (I honestly didn't have one if you can believe it) I would have gotten the Ginger in that color. Hopefully a Terraine Maria will pop up on ebay soon!