Wrestlemania 24

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  1. andrew and i are watching wrestlemania 24 now and its the last match between edge and the undertaker for the world title and they fought outside the ring for a bit and edge threw the undertaker into the 1st row crowd/stands and he fell almost directly on some poor lady's LV White MC Alma!!!! lol...he then like rolled up into it to get up and his sweaty/wet hair i think touched it or went super close to it....lol...i'd be dying. it was neatly under her chair, lol....i hope she throughly checked it, especially the vachetta which was all even and like..a light-medium tone. lol....i didn't expect to see that! woo!
  2. OMG Gayle...that's hillarious!! I love that you're spotting LV during a wrestling match!

    BTW, who won? Sounds like Edge did? :P
  3. ^^ lol...no, actually undertaker won, yay!!! also, raven symone did some guess appearance for a sort of make a wish kind of foundation for kids who got invited there (shes was really annoying, by the way) but i re-watched a bit of it on PPV cause andrew missed some parts and she has a black/brass LV suhali bracelet cuff on. lol....
  4. Ugh missed it. Read about it on the website though, sooo happy Undertaker won!
  5. It's been years since I used to watch wrestling. Is Kurt Angle still a bad guy? Does Shane McMahon ever come on anymore? I crushed on him back then. :P