Wrentham Outlet Massachusetts

  1. Can someone please help me out and let me know what this outlet has now. I need to return my e/w duffle. I went to use it for the first time, and noticed a scratch on the leather so I need to return it. It is somewhat of a relief because, I am not a person who wears white so I knew I would have a hard time getting it to match things. Here is the issue, I will only have about $135 in credit and can't afford much more for a new bag, as i already bought a bag in January but i need a summer fall bag to carry when i am not using my diaper bag. I really want something in the regular Khaki/chocolate signature and need something mid or on the larger side, is this impossible ? I don't really care if it is an older design. So If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. The outlets are about an hour and 1/2 away from me and I travel with 2 babies so the trip is not easy, I need to make it worth my time and agravation to get to an outlet even though I love going, it is just not that easy. Also I would like to know the best time of the month to go and get the best deal and most selection. Any tips are appreciate, thanks so much !
  2. wrentham RARELY has signature, I usually just see a TON of leather, pacth works, and accessories.

    i dont know the best time to go, but if you are looking for signature i wouldn't suggest wrentham. you can try calling them and see exactly what they have (regarding what you are looking for).
  3. Thank you ! Do you think Freeport has signature ? I usually go to Tilton. Do you know the best times to go ?
  4. i have only been to wrentham. i am originally from Cali and go to school in providence so i make it to wrentham about 4x/year.

    hopefully someone else can help.
  5. What about Lee, Mass? Don't they have lots of sig? I agree that wrentham rarely has sig stuff.. usually leather, and hamptons and scribble..
  6. Thank you I will call or check them out. I think they may be just as far as Freeport from where I live like 2 hours but if they have something i want then maybe i can have them ship it to me. It probably will cost as much as gas !
  7. Let me know how it goes.. I"ve never made the trip to Lee -- and I bet it's fabulous (because it's out of the way)..
  8. Freeport Maine (20 mins from my house) has signature.

    Kittery Maine does not have signature (unless its a return).
  9. Oh that's good to know. Thats apparently the closest outlet to me and I wanted to visit sometime in the summer and I didn't know what to expect! Now I just need, well, a friend to go with me. Shopping alone gets soooo crappy. ;P