Wrench! Is this available at MbMJ??? I MUST have!

  1. Anyone know if this is currently available at MbMJ stores? I HAVE to get one for my husband for V-day. There are a bunch on eBay, but I would rather buy direct. Help!

  2. i didn't see them the last time i was there a few weeks ago- i don't know now though- you should just call your local boutique- they'e open pretty late i think. good luck!
  3. I don't see any pictures or anything? :wondering
  4. i saw it at the mbmj special items store in nyc. they were up by the cash registers on the glass countertop, jess. that's probably why you missed them. they were pretty cool looking. if you do call them to order it, i suggest you get a bunch of other stuff as well since they're going to charge you that $20 flat rate shipping fee.
  5. That Is Really Cute!!