Wreck This Journal - Anyone?

  1. Sorry if this has been posted, I searched and didn't find anything.

    I have been searching for a journal, not a blank one mind you, but one that's interactive. There are a few that I'd really like (All About Me) for one.

    I came across one recently by Keri Smith called Wreck This Journal. It's really creative (for lack of a better word) and I can see how some of it would be like therapy, to take your feelings (good, bad, or ugly) out on this journal.

    I thought it'd be interesting to try out and wondered if anyone else would be interested. I have posted her website below and you can get the journal at Borders, Amazon.com and whatnot.

  2. i'm tempted to do it.

    after reading more on the website, i don't know if i would necessarily like to trash it as much as I would like to see myself become creative with it. I think it would help a lot with things that I hold inside - KWIM? thanks for the link!
  3. I got mine last night. I decided to jump around and do whatever page or pages "speak to me". Last night, I burned a page...

    After the initial scare of almost lighting the entire book on fire...I really felt liberated afterwards. Really good therapy. Is cathartic the word?
  4. I might have to pick one of these up...it seems like a great idea, very therapeutic!
  5. I think it is. I may not do a page a day...or I may do multiple pages in a day, or take multiple days to do one page. It's open to experiment.