Wraps for fall? Opinions needed :p

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  1. I've been looking around alot for fashionable but classic fall clothes (and, consecuently, have been posting like crazy :nuts) - and ran into this wrap at Banana Republic:

    It's cute and soft - but the way it ties to the side looks sorta sloppy to me and maybe it throws off the symmetry...but I keep going back and forth on it... it is sorta cute.... hmm... (yes or no!?) so my questions are as follows: (A) - Are wraps in for fall? Are they considered classics? (B) - Where's a good place to get good quality wraps but not like, over-the-top expensive like a Chanel wrap or anything like that... (C) - Pictures of good wraps or wraps you like personally???

    Love you all :heart:
  2. I just purchased these two. You can get the brown one at Neimans.
    camilla_marc.jpg ya_ya.jpg
  3. Looks comfy.
  4. This one from the gap is also $80.00 - but it's mostly cotton with 8% cashmere, whereas the banana republic one, same price, is 50% lambswool, 5% cashmere, and then a blend of "other" fibers.. Arggg I hate decision making and budgets!!!


    So it looks like the BR one is probably warmer... but I like the round-the-waste tie on the gap one... arggg
  5. i like the banana republic one better, its a very cute and looks warm but i don't think it will stay around for long if thats what ur looking for
  6. I bought a couple from Vince last year and also one from this season and they will all be worn and loved this coming fall/winter.

    Yay for wraps!!!!
  7. When you said wraps, I thought you meant shawls! :biggrin:

    Yes, I think wrap cardigans and jackets (and shawl type wraps, for that matter!) are very popular and were seen all over the catwalks.

    I don't think I'd go for the striped version, personally and I agree that the fastening is a little messy.

    I think knitwear is one of those areas where, if you possibly can, it is worth spending a little bit more, for the sake of quality.

    BTW, I bought a Vanessa Bruno mohair cable knit cardigan last year and I will definitely be wearing it again this year (and probably next year as well!):
    Vanessa Bruno Mohair Cable Cardigan (on mannequin).jpg Vanessa Bruno Mohair Cable Cardigan (on mannequin, reverse).jpg
  8. Well va-va-VOOM :nuts:! Me likey! Where to buy, where to buy?! :tup:
  9. Bummmpppppp - looking for cute, fashionable, warm hooded wrap! Hellllp!
  10. shoegal I really like your stripped wrap! Really want one now hehe :smile:
  11. ^Thanks I am loving knits! That one is by Aussie designers Camilla & Marc. My favorite boutique in Chicago, P45, pulled it for me as they thought it would be something I'd like. Of course, they were right. I see net-a-porter is getting their designs as well.
  12. Vince had some really cute sweaters this season, you may want to check them out!
  13. I like the BR one the best.
  14. BR one does look really nice! I agree that Vince has nice wraps too. You may wanna check out your local Nordstrom; they usually carry lots of wraps, in cashmere and wool.

    I personally carry a scarf or shawl of some sort everywhere I go even if it's summer time, you never know where the airconditioning is going to be strong.
  15. I ended up getting the gap one. It was bigger in person, heavier, and more flattering to the body with the front tie.