1. is anyone else here rediculously obssessed with wrapping christmas presents?
    i think that is one of the best things about christmas!
    shopping is stressful, but as soon as i get home i run off and grab the wrapping paper!

    i turn on a christmas movie or some christmas music,
    and i lay everything out across the floor and start wrapping!
    i'm about to scurry off and wrap MIL's gift right now!

    just wondering if anyone else gets this excited about it? lol.
    boyfriend frequently tells me i'm a freak. hahahaha.

    :yahoo:christmas! :nuts:
  2. Don't forget the glass of wine! I love wrapping presents, too. Every year I buy 2 or 3 new rolls of wrapping paper and some pretty ribbons and gift tags. Sometimes I make my own gift tags, even.
  3. Lol I love it...and I love the anticipation of having people open the presents too. :p
  4. i love looking at the finished wrapped products! :smile: and pretty wrapping paper!
  5. I love it! I'm obessed with making my own bows now... I think I buy DH more presents than he probably needs because I like wrapping them up and having them sit there, all pretty under the tree. I usually don't keep my gift wrap, but I am thinking of investing in a gift wrap organizer so I can store them during the year.
  6. i just got done wrapping several gifts.
    the only thing thats annoying is that i'm ocd about things,
    and i like them to look absolutely perfect.
    so if i mess up i get all pissed off and re-wrap it. lol.
    i make my own ribbons too. :shame:

    omg, this one was a doozie.
    boyfriend's parents. [i call them my in-laws, either way.]
    i went scurrying around all day today picking up little items here and there,
    today was all about getting their things together.
    i ended up with a basket of goodies! [i like making baskets. maybe i should sell them? anyway.]
    it was kind of like a...."cozy winter night" theme. idk. lol.
    basket. inside was:
    - a really soft fuzzy oversized blanket.
    - 2 mugs.
    - 2 of those hershey's hot cocoa mix pouches.
    - 1 box of ferroro rochero [you know what i mean] chocolates.

    it was a PAIN to wrap! stupid overflowing baskets. :cursing:
  7. What a cute basket idea though!!! loves it. :smile:

  8. thanks! :shame:
    i do stuff like that all the time.
    i love thinking up different themes. :yes:
    people have told me that i should sell them on eBay or something. lol.
  9. yep, im obsessed with the gift wrap process! I seriously think twice about buying something if it is not in a lovely square shape lol! and if it is odd shaped but I love it, then I buy another box to put the gift in so that it will look lovely!

    I choose a paper and ribbon theme every year too lol (this year its deep purple glossy wrap, with silver tags and ribbons ;) hee hee, I ADORE Christmas!!! :biggrin:
  10. i love wrapping gifts too. i went out bought new rolls and ribbons yesterday but still have no gifts to wrap! i ordered them all online so now i'm just waiting.
  11. I love wrapping gifts! Which reminds me, I should probably get started doing that pretty soon... :shame:
  12. oh i'm totally ocd so i actually make my list in october, usually.
    i like to have my list and a rough estimate of what i'm getting for everyone by mid-october.
    i start buying things as soon as my list is done.
    i wrap things as soon as i get home from shopping.
    i usually have everything wrapped and under the tree by now, actually.
    i'm running late this year. :shame:
    only 3 things left to buy! [oh, and one exchange.]
    i'd better get on that! :yes:

  13. hahaha, i totally know where you're coming from!
    but i have a nephew [1 1/2] and a niece [1]
    and you know how kids toys have those obnoxious boxes that like, slant and have big holes in the front. :push:
    stupid kids. :p
  14. When my kids were younger I always picked 3 similar but different papers, and each childs gifts were wrapped in their paper, thereby eliminating name tags on their gifts and them still not able to determine which ones were their's. I also used a trick from my mom, she put our initial under the bow, my kids never found that and neither did we when we were kids. They always thought I had a great ability to see into boxes (lol). It goes along with the eyes in the back of my head but that is another story (lol).
  15. I, too, love wrapping presents! It's just fun to do and gets you into the spirit!!