"wrap your tips" ?

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  1. I am very embarrassed to ask:blush:....what does this mean? Thanks!
  2. Do you mean "cap" or "wrap?"

    Capping involves swiping your polish across the tip/free edge of your nail.

    Wrapping can be using either silk or fiberglass as an overlay on your nail to strengthen it or repair a crack.

    It can also mean to use a colored glue-on "sticker"/wrap to your tips to achieve a french manicure without having to paint on polish and smile lines.
  3. Ahhhh I mean cap! No wonder why I couldnt understand a post I was reading. I read "cap" but for some reason I was thinking wrap. Thank you for your reply!
  4. Some people say "wrap" which is basically the same definition that Wohlgie gave for "cap".
  5. That is what I always understood it to mean as well.