Wrap Dresses (DVF) and Big B00bies!

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  1. I have admired the wrap dress for quite some time. I'm always reading about Diane Von Furstenberg and what she had in mind when she created the dress and how its supposed to look fantastic on everyone. "Everyone should own at least one DVF dress" I've read more than once.

    Anytime I've tried a wrap dress (not DVF), it's been an utter failure. After years of admiration, I finally decided to take the plunge and try a DVF. I figured maybe the other designers just didn't have the style perfected like she does. I found one at Nordstroms that I loved -- a simple 'Fit-n-Flare' style wrap dress with a solid (black) top and striped skirt (as much I like her prints on other people, they're way too 'loud" for me!) The dress looked amazing on and I was in love, EXCEPT the top part of the dress split "down to there" and would not stay closed. I tried it on with a camisole underneath and that was much better. My SA also tells me that they can put a small snap inside the top part of the dress so that it stays closed.

    I looked at pics online of models wearing the same dress and even though the dress was open more than I'd prefer, it didn't split apart the way it split on me. Of course, most of those models were flat chested. I also noticed that the edge of the dress on one side (at the top) would unfold and lie kinda funny on me.

    So my question -- Is it impossible for a big busted woman to wear a wrap dress, specifically a DVF? Or do you just have to have the confidence to wear one knowing that you're going to be showing quite a bit more cleavage? Or do most larger busted women do what I'm considering and wear a camilsole under the dress (or do they add the snap my SA mentioned to me)?

    I'm compeltely on the fence about the dress. Other than the excessive cleavage (w/o a cami), I do love it -- it accentuates my waistline and the fit is just incredible. It's just a lot of money to spend on something I feel like I won't be able to wear the way it was designed to wear.

    Opinions please! Especially from those of you who wear DVF who may be more "endowed" than others!!:P

  2. Fashion tape is my best friend with wrap dresses.. I'm a 30D.. If I don't use the fashion tape I can not wear wrap dresses. It keeps it closed and prevents it from popping open and showing the girls.. 2 strips on my bra keeps the dress closed!
  3. Im a 34 C and wear a solid black, navy or nude Genie Bra under mine, which looks like a little cami filling up the Vee area but it's not bulky around the waist like a regular cami would be. Solved!
  4. I agree fashion tape is wonderful..i am at 32 C and its perfect!
  5. Thanks for the replies! I'd love to hear for more!

    So this may sound dumb, how does the fashion tape work? Never used it before. Is it the same as double-sided tape that you stick on both halves of the top of the dress, and then stick them together?

    I'm thinking for me, the camisole is probably the best - and easiest! - solution. I do like the snap idea as well, but it wonder if it would change the way the dress lays.
  6. yes it's the same thing as double stick tape. i didn't work for me when i tried it, came un-stuck.

    i've tried on a dvf wrap dress, not sure if i was doing it wrong but it felt like i was about to flash people from the top AND the bottom:lol:
  7. I have to size way up in wrap dresses and wear a cami underneath.
  8. Like DVF would ever design anything in my size. :rolleyes:

    But I use that As Seen on TV product CamiSecret when I need to cover up a bit more. They're great - they snap on to your bra strap and you can just tuck them in to the top of your dress and not have all the extra bulk or extra layer of a full cami.
  9. So, Gail O'Grady was on REVENGE tonight wearing, what I'm almost positive is a DVF wrap dress. She's not exactly small chested either, and it looked really good! No sign of the dress popping open at all, even when she leaned forward (if I did that in the dress I tried on, the girls would be popping right out of there!). Looking at her when she's sitting, it almost looks like the dress is a bit gathered, which makes me wonder if its pinned together to hold it closed - or if they did what my SA suggested and added a snap to the top.

    For me anyhow, this is still a bit more cleavage than I'm comfortable showing, but at least it seems like its possible to make it work w/o having to wear a cami underneath

  10. That's exactly what I imagine what would happen if I tried it, which is why I'm leaning more toward the snap idea than double-sided tape. I felt the same way about the top part of the dress - not so much the bottom. The skirt fit really good!
    Sizing up helped? I would think it would make it looser, causing it to split even further part. But I glad to see I'm not the only one forced to wear a cami if I want to wear DVF
  11. I have never been able to have a DVF wrap dress work for me, I have found other designer wrap dresses work better. Perhaps another designer would be better?
  12. I wear a full length (to my knee) slip cami under mine. Voila, solves the top and bottom split problem in one go!
  13. Good luck! I have never been able to get one to work for me. I am a 34DDD. I did not like the look of a cami under it.

    If you get one with a snap put in, please update! I'd like to know if that really works.
  14. What other designers? Are they just random dresses you've seen, or specific designers? The thing about DVF that appeals to be in her fabric. I love that jersey knit she uses.

    I will definitely update and let you know. I bought the dress yesterday, but didn't have time for alterations, so I'll have to go back in. Since I bought the dress from Nordstroms, the alterations are free, so I think I'm definitely going to have them add the snap.

    The cami will work with THIS dress because the too is solid black, so wearing a black cami underneath isn't a big deal and/or that noticeable, but it don't think I'd ever want to wear a printed dress with a cami under rather because then it would obvious.
  15. I think the dresses look better on hourglass ladies than us less-endowed.

    I have a friend with curves TDF, a camisole is her solution, but she will also go one dress size bigger. Works for her :shrugs:

    Def get the snap :yes: